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ROUTE - Flights between Brazil and USA will migrate to LA carrier

This is to inform that starting October 27, 2019 flights between Brazil (BR) and the United States (US) currently published with carrier JJ will migrate to carrier LA. 

Flights will continue to be operated by LATAM Airlines Brazil with the same flight numbers, reservation code, schedule/frequency and conditions of the original fare; therefore, the passenger protection policy does not apply.

Flights migrating to LA carrier:

JJ8152/JJ8153   BEL - MIA - BEL 

JJ8164/JJ8165   GRU - BOS - GRU 

JJ8176/JJ8177   MAO - MIA - MAO 

JJ8180/JJ8181   GRU - JFK - GRU 

JJ8186/JJ8187   GRU - MCO - GRU

JJ8188/JJ8189   FOR - MIA - FOR

JJ8190/JJ8191   GRU - MIA - GRU

JJ8192/JJ8193   BEL - MIA - BEL

JJ8194/JJ8195   GRU - MIA - GRU

JJ8196/JJ8197   SSA - MIA - SSA

JJ8198/JJ8199   REC - MIA - REC

JJ9457                MCO - GRU

JJ9461                MIA - GRU

Only the carrier will change, so all flight numbers mentioned are maintained. Example: Flight JJ8152 changes to LA8152.

Reservation handling:

  • As of July 13, 2019, ticketed and non-ticketed reservations with travel scheduled from October 27 2019, will be centrally revalidated by LATAM with the new LA code flights.


  • Ancillaries will be centrally re-associated, maintaining the original seat or a similar one. If the original seat is not available, customers may request an involuntary seat refund 


  • The intervened reservations will have a note indicating: SSR OTHS CARRIER CHG JJ TO LA. PLS UPDATE TKT IF REQUIRED.


Non-ticketed reservations:

  • The Travel Agent must complete the issuance process according to the specified time limits of the fare regulation.
  • Intervened reservations might be on UN/TK or WK/SC flight status depending on the distribution system used by the Agency, for the system to be able to issue the ticket; the status must be changed to confirmed.


Ticketed reservations:

  • In case of not being able to regularize a ticket, LATAM will make the change of carrier in the reservation and will notify the Travel Agency  through system, for the Agency to complete the process of involuntary reissue.
  • The Travel Agent must regularize their tickets until September 20, 2019.
  • It will be allowed to reissue the tickets as INVOL, according to the following:
    • Without penalty fee.
    • Original flights and fare construction must remain the same.
    • It will be mandatory to enter the following note on the Endorsement box of the Ticket: "INVOL CHG DUE TO CARRIER CHG”
    • Ancillaries, must be protected according to the procedure established in Protection of Ancillaries.


  • As of September 21, 2019, LATAM will reissue INVOL all tickets in which the Agency has not taken action,therefore, these tickets will be in control of LATAM.

Reservation handling with confirmed special services:

  • Special services are being rebooked and confirmed on the new LA flights.
  • If a customer contacts us because one or more special service(s) was not transferred, the special service must be requested again.


  • Reservations on codeshare flights marketing JJ with other carriers will also migrate to carrier LA.
  • Tickets issued by other airlines: The change of carrier will be made in the reservation and the issuing airline will be notified to complete the reissue.