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REFUNDS - Purchase Withdrawal Policy in Peru and Ecuador


This is to inform that purchase withdrawal policy exceptions  will be permitted in the Peru and Ecuador markets. Exceptions will allow refunding the ticket without any penalties provided the conditions specified below are met.


Please remember that the Right of Withdrawal applies when a customer decides not to effectuate the travel agreement with the airline (cancels the trip) and requests a refund.


Tickets issued in Peru and Ecuador.

Implementation date:

April 11, 2022


In order to be eligible for the exceptions to the Purchase Withdrawal Law in Peru and Ecuador, the following conditions must be met:

  • Valid exclusively for unused tickets in Plus fares.
  • Valid for revenue tickets.
  • Valid for any itinerary (domestic or international) issued in the Peru or Ecuador markets.
  • Refund will include the full value of the tickets and associated ancillaries. 
  • The time to request a purchase withdrawal is anywhere between the time of purchase and 72 hours prior to flight departure.


Processing the refund:

  • It will be processed without a waiver through GDS or BSP Link (as applicable to the market), indicating that it is PE Withdrawal or EC Withdrawal.


Refund payment time limits:

  • Refunds will be returned a maximum 30 calendar days from the date of notification of withdrawal.