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TICKET CHANGES - Simplification of the non-consecutive coupon use process (voluntary)


This is to inform that the procedure for non-consecutive coupon use has been simplified and standardized in all countries where this exception applies, according to the following:

  1. The Waiver required to apply this exception has been removed and, consequently, the “Voluntary No Show” reason under WIS has been eliminated.
  2. In Chile and in Ecuador, the request for non-consecutive coupon use must be made prior to the departure of the flight that will not be used (requests received outside this time frame will be subject to fare regulation).
  3. The unused coupon will be refunded according to the fare regulation (applying the penalty for the fare component and deducting the ticket portion used).


For further details, see Considerations.


Requests for non-consecutive coupon use (voluntary)

Implementation date:



To apply the exception, the Travel Agent must:


- Verify compliance with the requirements for the non-consecutive coupon use exception.
- Remove from the PNR the segment(s) that will not be used.
- Insert backup notes and save the changes made: 

OSI PAX DECLINES TO FLY LAXXX (flight that will not be used).


Inform the customer that the reservation has been changed and ready for using the next flight segment.


- Inform the customer that the unused coupon will be refunded according to the fare regulation (applying the fare component penalty and deducting the ticket portion used) and that the refund must be requested after finishing the trip.


In Brazil, the coupon refund must be requested as indicated here.


In all other markets, the travel agent must request the refund via the regular channels, indicating the reason: Refund of unused flight segment. 




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