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PASSENGER PROTECTION - Iberia (IB) Flight Protection



Protection to Iberia (IB) operated flights is suspended until further notice for routes connecting international flights to the Lima (LIM) Peru airport.


Due to the new operating restrictions set out by local authorities in Peru, no sales, voluntary changes and/or protection can be offered for international flights operated by IB (including LA* marketed flights) on routes with a connection in LIMA (LIM) Airport until February 15th 2021 (date may be extended).


Check the considerations.


Sales, changes or protection of flights operated by IB on the MAD-LIM route.

Implementation Date:



For legal reasons, Iberia (IB) is only authorized to conduct flights through LIM for humanitarian flights.


Because of this restriction, the following are not permitted until further notice:


  • Sales, voluntary changes or protection of flights operated by IB on international routes run through Lima (LIM);
  • Even if the itinerary is available in the distribution systems, it is not possible to offer protection on IB flights.

This protection restriction for Iberia (IB) via LIM for international flight connections will apply until February 15th 2021 (date may be extended).


For more details about the current exceptions in case of any contingencies, review CONTINGENCY - Solutions for passengers traveling on affected flights.




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