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    What is the NDC Portal?

    The NDC Portal is our online agency website where you can access NDC by LATAM content for free, with no connection costs or additional development. You can access the NDC Portal here.

    NDC Portal connection benefits

    • Buy and reserve tickets
    • Issue ancillaries
    • Manage post-sales services.
    • Generate sales reports
    • and more


    Who can use the NDC Portal?

    Any agent certified by IATA and who has a current contract with LATAM can use the NDC Portal after requesting access.

    To request access follow these steps:

    1. The user who owns the agent’s "Administrator" profile must complete the following form
    2. With this information received, LATAM will configure your IATA code and when it is ready, you will receive an email from LATAM with your temporary password.
    3. Go to the NDC Portal, update your password and accept the Terms and Conditions. With this you will be ready to start.

    How to connect via NDC Portal

    How to use NDC Portal

    How to Create Users in the NDC Portal

    What is NDC API access?

    Our NDC API is our application program interface that allows agencies and aggregators to connect NDC by LATAM content to their own booking or software platform.

    Benefits of a connection via NDC API

    The main benefit of this connection is that agents and aggregators can bring NDC by LATAM content into their own booking environment and integrate it with their existing processes.

    NDC API functionality is continuously updated and currently includes:

    • Access to NDC by LATAM content
    • Buy and reserve tickets
    • Issue ancillaries
    • Manage after-sales services
    • Integrate NDC by LATAM content and functionality into your own booking software or platform


    Who can use the NDC API?

    Any agent certified by IATA, who has a current contract with LATAM and develops its own booking platform or uses a developer to do so. 

    To request access, complete this form or follow the next steps.


    How to connect via  NDC API?