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Operational Warnings & Contingencies

28/08/2023 CONTINGENCY - Adverse weather conditions in MCO (Orlando Florida), Estados Unidos LATAM COMMERCIAL EXCEPTIONS Due to: Adverse weather conditions in MCO (Orlando Florida), Estados Unidos Customers traveling: ... En Savoir Plus

20/08/2023 19/08/23 CONTINGENCY - Hurricane Hilary in Los Angeles (LAX) , United States LATAM COMMERCIAL EXCEPTIONS Due to: Hurricane Hilary in Los Ángeles (LAX) , Estados Unidos Customers traveling: From/to/throu... En Savoir Plus

18/08/2023 PASSENGER PROTECTION - Suspension of the route between Lima (LIM) and Jaén (JAE) Due to commercial adjustments, direct flights between Lima (LIM) and Jaén (JAE) will be suspended between 28SEP23 - 31OCT23. En Savoir Plus

15/08/2023 CONTINGENCY - Strike at the airports in Argentina LATAM COMMERCIAL EXCEPTIONS Due to: Strike of Proveedor de Ground Handling at the airport Argentina. Customers traveling: Fro... En Savoir Plus

13/08/2023 CONTINGENCY EXTENSION - Temporary Suspension of Operations at Jaén Airport (JAE) We wish to inform you that, following an inspection of the recently repaired runway at Jaén Airport, the authorities have iss... En Savoir Plus

04/08/2023 CONTINGENCY EXTENSION - Adverse weather conditions in Punta Arenas (PUQ) LATAM COMMERCIAL EXCEPTIONS Due to: Adverse weather conditions in Punta Arenas (PUQ) Customers traveling: From/to/through: Pu... En Savoir Plus

01/08/2023 CONTINGENCY - Temporary Suspension of Operations at Quito International Airport We want to inform you that Quito's Mariscal Sucre International Airport will temporarily suspend its operations due to schedu... En Savoir Plus

12/07/2023 CONTINGENCY - Aircraft incident occurred on flight LA3300 Description: In order to mitigate operational changes resulting from the incident on the landing of flight LA3300 at Florianó... En Savoir Plus

16/06/2023 PASSENGER PROTECTION - Suspension of the route between BGA ⇄ MDE Due to business needs, the operation between BGA MDE has been cancelled on our systems since June 13, 2023. Direct flights on... En Savoir Plus


09/08/2023 MEDICAL DEVICES - Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) Acceptance Description: In line with the new acceptance criteria, Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC) are only required to bear a manufa... En Savoir Plus

28/07/2023 FARES - Changes to Brand LIGHT (SL) Description As the first stage of the planned changes to the Brands implementation, the fare attributes of the LIGHT (SL) tar... En Savoir Plus

14/07/2023 REFUNDS - Requests for refunds due to exact duplication and inverted routing of tickets En Savoir Plus

30/06/2023 EXCEPTIONS - Flexibility extension to expired tickets with unused Segments (no trip started) The deadline to request changes for unused tickets with original flight date between March 1, 2020 and December 31, 2021, is ... En Savoir Plus

22/06/2023 SERVICES - Cancellation of the free bus service between GRU CGH airports in São Paulo Description: We would like to inform you that the complimentary passenger transportation service between Guarulhos (GRU) and ... En Savoir Plus

22/06/2023 SERVICE ANIMALS - New restrictions for the acceptance of Emotional Support Animals (ESAN) on the Mexico route Description: The number of emotional support animals (ESAN) has been limited to a maximum of 6 dogs per flight and all potent... En Savoir Plus

19/06/2023 FARES - New attribute for Brand Basic Description The attributes of the Basic fare have been modified allowing changes with a penalty. Not applicable to the Brazil... En Savoir Plus

16/06/2023 TICKET ISSUANCE | Restriction on the sale of LIM-CCS route in combination with the United States Description Due to government regulations, transportation between the United States and Venezuela is not allowed, even via th... En Savoir Plus

15/06/2023 CODESHARE - Changes to the codeshare agreement with Voepass (2Z) Description: New domestic routes are implemented in Brazil in the code shared agreement with the company VOEPASS (formerly Pa... En Savoir Plus

15/06/2023 AVIH - AVIH embargo lifted on LIM - Ecuador routes Description: Effective immediately the AVIH embargo has been lifted on the routes LIM UIO and LIM GYE and vice versa. Scope: ... En Savoir Plus

15/06/2023 BAGGAGE - Transportation of perishable food as checked baggage in Brazil Description In order to prevent liquid spills that could damage the aircraft's fuselage, we inform you that the transportatio... En Savoir Plus

12/06/2023 TICKET ISSUANCE - Restriction to the issuance of private LATAM tickets on Aeroméxico (AM) without face value Effective immediately, the sale of AM flights has been restricted for the MEXNRT segments using private LATAM fares without f... En Savoir Plus

20/04/2023 SALES - Considerations regarding the collection and exemption of the Distribution Cost Recovery Surcharge Description: In view of the implementation of the NDC Platform, starting May 01, 2023 a Distribution Cost Recovery Tax (TRCD)... En Savoir Plus

30/03/2023 GROUPS - Issuance of groups, series & negospace from May 1 Description From May 1st, when a LATAM group or serie is issued in GDS, a new concept will appear, called surcharge, which wi... En Savoir Plus

News Global Sales Support

04/08/2023 Involuntary Flight Change or Cancellation: how to proceed? If your client's flight does not operate according to the scheduled departure time, they may benefit from our Passenger Prote... En Savoir Plus

08/06/2023 ROUTES - New operation between LIM ⇄ CCS We are pleased to inform you about the new routes between LIM ⇄ CCS, which will operate from August 01, 2023 as follows: En Savoir Plus

06/06/2023 Newsletter NDC by LATAM | June 06 We are excited to introduce you the latest technical functionalities of the new NDC by LATAM that were released this past wee... En Savoir Plus

10/05/2023 New Terms and Conditions We would like to inform you of the publication of the new Terms and Conditions of Sale for Agencies, as part of the LATAM Gro... En Savoir Plus

26/04/2023 GSS - More customization and efficiency in Global Sales Support We want to let you know that we will be implementing some changes to improve your experience with LATAM Airlines Global Sales... En Savoir Plus

01/04/2023 New PIA Irregularity Fees Booking Policy is updated to eliminate irregularities, with new fine amounts... En Savoir Plus