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PASSENGER PROTECTION - Temporary suspension of the São Paulo (GRU) ⇄ Bauru (JTC) in Brazil

Suspension of the São Paulo (GRU) ⇄ Bauru (JTC) route in Brazil is extended until March 28, 2023

Canceled routes:

São Paulo (GRU) Bauru (JTC): operation canceled for flights from February 22, until March 28, 2023

Proposed protection:

LATAM flights on available days

Reservation management:

Protection options may be offered to customers when they contact the travel agency.


  • Protection on LATAM flights will be subject to availability in the original cabin and in the lowest class available in the same cabin.
  • If the passenger decides to travel on a date where there is no availability with LATAM, the involuntary refund must be offered or the options established in Passenger Protection


The reissue will be made as involuntary, keeping the original fare basis and fare construction.

Insert in the reservation the OSI indicating: OSI INVOL REROUTE DUE TO SKD CHG LAxxx CNLD and passenger/travel agency contact

Enter in Ticket Endorsements on reissue:

SKDCHG (flight)(date) CNLD


When protecting on LATAM flights: ancillaries will have the same treatment as tickets.