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Operational Warnings & Contingencies


PASSENGER PROTECTION - Suspension of MDE ⇄ MIA routes

Due to operational adjustments, we inform you that the Medellin (MED) ⇄ Miami (MIA) route has been suspended.

Canceled flights:

As of July 1, 2024, the following flights will be canceled.


  • LA 4408 (MDE) ⇄ (MIA)
  • LA 4409 (MIA)  ⇄ (MDE)

Proposed protection:

Protection on Holding LATAM flights connecting via Bogotá (BOG)

Reservation management:

The protection should be done based on the availability of the original cabin, in the same class or, failing that, the lowest available.


The reissue will be conducted involuntarily, retaining the original Fare basis and fare construction.


  • Medellín (MDE) Miami (MIA): Protection on LATAM flights with a connection in Bogotá (BOG).


  • Economy, Premium Economy: Maintain the original cabin in the lowest available booking class.

Passengers who do not accept the proposed protection can still use the same flexibilities defined in Sales | Passenger Protection.

Enter in Ticket Endorsements on reissue

INVOL REROUTE (flight)(date) CNLD


Ancillaries will receive the same treatment as tickets.