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COMMERCIAL EXCEPTIONS: Mandatory visa for Peruvian passengers traveling to México


Peruvian citizens traveling to Mexico will be required to present a valid visa to enter the country starting April 20, 2024. In response to this situation, options for travel will be provided to passengers who need to obtain a visa for these destinations and have tickets issued up to April 9, 2024.


Peruvian citizens with destination or connection in Mexico

Implementation date:



In response to this scenario, LATAM will offer customers flexibilities that allow them to make changes according to the following:


Situation 1


Tickets issued until April 9 with original flight arriving in Mexico from April 20 to May 31, 2024:

  • Date change without penalty and without fare difference.
  • Must maintain the same cabin as the original flight.
  • Only for passengers with unaffected flights.
  • New travel must commence by June 15, 2024


Agents should process the reissue as involuntary, retaining the original fare basis and fare construction. It should be included in the Endorsements/Restrictions field:

  • Peruvian passengers: PEMX09ABR24



The fare rules of the ticket apply. However, if the visa is denied, it  may request an involuntary refund of the ticket to the Global Sales Support team by attaching supporting documentation of the rejection. The GSS team will review the documentation and provide a waiver code for the refund, if applicable.


Situation 2


Tickets issued until April 9 with flights from June 1, 2024:


Customers may opt for involuntary refunds only if their visa is denied and they submit supporting documentation confirming the denial. The Global Sales Support team will review this documentation and, if applicable, provide a waiver code for the refund.


Please note that for trips issued after April 9, exceptions established due to Unexpected events for travel may apply.