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Special Needs | AVIH

    LATAM allows the transport of dogs and cats in the aircraft hold (AVIH) when associated to a passenger.

    • Service is suspended until further notice on the following routes:


    Suspended since



    November 17, 2020



    November 17, 2020




    • The service is only available if LATAM operates all flights of the itinerary.
    • Only non-brachycephalic breeds and breeds which are not considered dangerous breeds will be accepted.
    • Breeds not accepted in LATAM flights are as follows:


      Breeds not accepted as AVIH



      Brachycephalic Felines (cats) breeds


      Brachycephalic breeds

      Dangerous breeds

      Dangerous and brachycephalic breeds


      - Affenpinscher

      - Boston Terrier

      - Bulldog (all breeds)

      - Chow Chow

      - English Toy Spaniel

      - Brussels Griffon

      - Chin (Japanese Spaniel)

      - Lhasa Apso

      - English Mastiff

      - Pekingese

      - Pug or Carlino (all breeds)

      - Shar Pei

      - Shih Tzu

      - Tibetano Spaniel


      - Akita Americano /American Akita

      - Akita Inu / Akita Japonés

      - Bull Terrier

      - Bulldog Americano / American Bulldog

      - Dobermann

      - Argentine Mastiff

      - Fila Brasilero

      - Karabash / Anatolian Shepherd

      - Pit bull - All breeds (including American pit bull terrier)

      - Rottweiler

      - Tosa Inu (Japanese Fighting Dog)

      - American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff)

      - Bully Americano / American Bully

      - English Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Staffy)

      - Pit bull - All breeds (including American pit bull terrier)

      - Boxer

      - Bullmastiff

      - Dogue de Bordeaux

      - Neapolitan Mastiff

      - Italian Cane Corso

      - Canary Mastiff / Dogo Canary

      - American Burmese

      - Himalayan

      - Persian (all kinds)

      - Exotic Shorthair

      Dangerous breed dogs can only be transported through LATAM Cargo, which has the necessary conditions to perform their transportation in accordance with IATA's Live Animals Regulations. Brachycephalic breeds are NOT accepted by LATAM Cargo, except for 100% domestic routes in Brazil, which are allowed under specific conditions through LATAM Cargo.



    Dogs of dangerous breeds can only be transported through LATAM Cargo if they meet the necessary conditions according to the IATA Live Animals Regulations. 

    Brachycephalic Breeds are not accepted by LATAM Cargo. The transportation of these in 100% domestic route Brazil is allowed through LATAM Cargo under particular conditions.

    The transportation of brachycephalic cross-breeds animals will no be allowed if this condition is indicated in the veterinary certificate.

    There is a limited availability for the AVIH service, depending on the aircraft type and the duration of the flight.


    Type of aircraft

    A319, A320, A321

    B787, B767, B777, A350

    Maximum amount of AVIH allowed

    There is a maximum depending on the type of aircraft, flight duration, flight material, etc. Applications will be confirmed or rejected by LATAM via GDS.

    No maximum limit of animals per hold or flight is established as long as the weight of the animal does not exceed the maximum established per piece (32 or 45 kgs). For details according to route, check

    The Centers and Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) indefinitely extends the restricted entry into the United States of dogs from high-risk countries for canine rabies and dogs arriving from countries without high risk of rabies if the dogs have been in a high-risk country in the past 6 months. Dogs entering the United States from high-risk countries are still required to meet all requirements indicated in the CDC.

    • It must be requested at the time of the reservation or at least 48 hours before the departure of the flight.
    • Consider that the request of AVIH on domestic flights in Brazil can not be made until 2 months from the departure of the flight.
    • The response times of LATAM will be between 48 hours after the request is made and up to 24 hours before the departure of the flight.
    • Connecting itineraries: a maximum of 1 connection between LATAM flights will be permitted, which should not exceed 7 hours.
    • We remind you that it is mandatory to provide information about the transport of AVIH to the passenger:

          The AVIH must be at least 16 weeks old, unless there are different health restrictions in the country of destination.

          The transportation to/from Galapagos Island, Australia, New Zealand, Papeete, England, Jamaica and Aruba is not accepted.

          Pets can not travel sedated.

    • To request the service, a SSR AVIH must be entered and must have the following mandatory information:

          Type of pet (dog or cat)

          Total weight (Pet + Pet container)


          Age of pet

          Type of container (only rigid material container should be used)

          Size of the container



    TYPE of pet: dog or cat



    + container )





    MATERIAL of container (hard or soft material)

    MEASURES of container (length x width x height in cms.)



    08 KG


    03 YEARS




    • The NON boarding of an unconfirmed AVIH, does not exempt the passenger's compliance with its tariff regulation.
    • Passengers traveling with an AVIH cannot access the BUS service to/from JFK or between GRU and CGH.
    • The transportation of any animal that is pregnant or has had labor in the last 48 hours is not allowed.


    • Each passenger can transport a maximum of 2 AVIH (1 per kennel). SSR AVIH is requested for each container.
    • Exceptionally, more than one pet can be transported in the same container:
      • Up to 2 adult animals of similar size in the same container. The individual weight of each animal must not exceed 14 kg. All animals over this weight limit must be boarded individually. Animals of different species cannot be boarded in the same cage.
      • A maximum of 3 animals of up to 6 months of age of the same litter will be permitted in the same container, provided none of them exceeds 14 kg in weight.Animals traveling in the same container must be accustomed to living together.The total weight of the kennel can not exceed the maximum weight allowed per route. Details on
      • Only 1 SSR AVIH should be added per container, indicating in the free text that 2 or 3 pets are traveling. The charge will be made by container.
    • The height of the container may not exceed 1.15 meters and the maximum volume shall not exceed 300 linear cms (width + height + height).
    • The container must NOT have wheels.
    • The pet must have enough space to comfortably stand, move and rotate around the pet carrier.
    • Only containers made of hard plastic and/or glass fiber will be accepted. Kennels made of wood or metal are not acceptable and they must have an leak-proof, absorbent base.
    • The kennel must have adequate ventilation. One side of the kennel must be completely open (it may be the door side), and the other three sides must have ventilation openings and spacing bars to prevent other cargo items from blocking the openings.
    • The kennel door must be made of metal to ensure the pet’s safety and have a double latch (to keep the upper and lower side of the door secure in place and prevent the pet from opening the door). It must also prevent the pet from inserting the muzzle or paw between the door openings.
    • The kennel must have a solid top, without a door or openings that may allow the pet to escape.
    • In the case of containers made of a lower and an upper part, the only models accepted must use metal bolts and nuts to join both parts, which may be coated in plastic. NO other joining method will be accepted.
    • The container must be labeled somewhere visible with the name of the pet. 
    • The container must have two separate dishes for water and food, which must be accessible for filling without opening the door. and that allows the animal to drink water during the flight without spilling. Bowls and/or Bottle dispensers must contain water only on flights over 8 hours.
    • Only will be accepted.those dispensers with a bowl underneath them. For more information, visit in LATAM Experience > Prepare your trip > Travel with pets > Pets in the aircraft hold.
    • For situations in which the animal is in heat, it can be transported by absorbent material (newspaper, sawdust) inside the kennel.
    • The acceptance of the pet is subjected to the health and documentation restrictions established by the health authorities of each country. It is mandatory to advise the requestor of the reservation about the need to inquire about the travel restrictions according to the countries of connection and destination.
    • It is mandatory to present a certificate (2 copies) issued by a veterinarian (issued no later than 10 days from the flight date), indicating at least the following: name, age, race, vaccines. It must also indicate that the pet is in good health, since pets with obvious signs of illness (foam, diarrhea, etc.) will not be shipped. For domestic flights from Colombia, it is required to present the signed vaccination card or certification by a veterinarian where the professional registration number is indicated.
    • Exceptionally, all necessary documentation must be informed to passengers departing or traveling within Brazil, according to the information described in TIMATIC (IATA Travel Center). Additionally, BR has documentation information. If the connection or destination is not specified, the Travel Agent must inform the passenger to contact the health authorities of the corresponding country.
    • We inform you that since February 13th, 2019, regarding the Law on Responsible Pet Ownership that enters into force in Chile, passengers traveling with dogs and cats on international flights must register their pet in the “National Registry of companionship Pets or Animals” and in the “National Registry of potentially dangerous animals of the canine species” (if applicable), in order to obtain the Zoosanitary Export Certificate (CZE). Passengers who have questions or queries in this regard should be recommended to consult the SAG website directly. For more details about documentation requirements for pet departing from Chile see here.
    • For trips to/from Colombia, customers must register with the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) to start the sanitary inspection application leading to the granting of a Certificate of Sanitary Inspection (CIS) that will be required upon leaving/entering the country. This is in addition to any other veterinarian or vaccination certificates that may be required for animals leaving CO, as well as any applicable local restrictions in the country of destination.  Agents must refer customers to the Institute’s website at Instituto Agropecuario Colombiano (ICA) for official information on the requirements and associated costs
    • AVIHs are not part of the baggage allowance, therefore they are always subject to collection for their transportation.
    • The transport charge of AVIH will be a fixed amount that will be applied depending on the route and weight of the pet (in its container) by origin - destination checked.
    • Charges for transporting pets in the aircraft hold will be applied according to the route and weight of the pet (plus the pet carrier) and charged for every origen/destination checked.
    • These charges should include taxes in countries where applicable. For DOM routes in Chile the charges includes IVA.
    • See all prices for “Domestic Flights Chile” specified under Travel Information > Pets > In Hold at

    Animal in hold  (AVIH)



    0-23 kg

    24-32 kg

    33-45 kg



    ARS 2,500

    ARS 3,500

    ARS 4,000


    BRL 500

    BRL 700

    BRL 900


    CLP 40,000

    CLP 55,000

    CLP 70,000


    COP 170,000

    COP 200,000

    COP 250,000


    USD 50

    USD 65

    USD 80


    USD 60

    USD 80

    USD 100

    Regional (1)

    USD 125

    USD 200

    USD 275

    Long Haul (2)

    USD 150

    USD 225

    USD 300


    (1) Regional: flights between countries in South America, between South America and HAV/PUJ/AUA, including AKL-SYD, PUJ-MIA, MAD-FRA

    (2) Long Haul: flights between South America and Europe/ USA/ Oceania/ Mexico (CUN and MEX), including LIM-MCO (flights operated on narrow body aircraft)






    Changes are only allowed according to the ticket fare regulations. For this, thepenaltiesregulation must be checked.

    ONLY permitted prior to flight departure.





    Guide dogs, disaster survivors search dogs, with a prior certification of their status, are exempt of charge for their transportation. In the case of search dogs, the exemption of charge applies only when traveling on humanitarian missions. On the other hand, detection or sniffer dogs and exhibition pets are not exempted of charge.

    In situations of extreme weather (cold or hot), the boarding of AVIH can be refused. On the route to/from New York and Boston AVIH are not allowed from December 15 to April 15, therefore the service cannot be requested.These dates may change depending on the climatic conditions from year to year.

    At the moment, this function is not available on our NDC portal.

    If you need to request the transportation service of animals in the hold, we ask that you contact our specialists through our preferential support channel: the chat available here on LATAM Trade (in addition to our usual service channels). This way, our team will take care of processing your request on your order.

    All other general considerations, associated fees and definition of this special service remain unchanged.