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Special Passengers | Infants (INF)


    This chapter takes into consideration information regarding bookings, fares and issuance for Infant passengers (INF).

    Each type of passenger corresponds to:

    Type of Passenger


    Infant (INF)

    Any and all person under the age of 2.

    Child  (CHD)

    Any and all person under the age of 12. When travelling without the company of a person over 18 this passenger is considered an Unaccompanied Minor.


    Any person aged 12 and under 18. An emancipated adolescent is considered an adult

    Double discount for minors on individual bookings is not allowed.

    When operators wish to apply negotiated discounts on individual bookings (e.g. one deal associated with a tour code) they cannot be added to discounts for passenger type (CHD/INF). In other words, operators must choose a single discount for issuance. Therefore:

    • When choosing a negotiated discount (for example; one deal), issuance will be linked to a tour code and tickets for minors must be issued applying the adult discount, preserving the INF code next to the name on the ticket.
    • In the event a ticket has been issued with a double discount, it will be penalized; charging the applicable difference for the route according to passenger type, plus the administrative charge associate with ADM issuance in the corresponding markets.
    • Exceptions to this definition are covered when pricing will be given automatically.

    Please note: Independent of whether ADT fares are used on the booking, the minor must be identified as CHD/INF to comply with airport and safety protocols.

    Infants are considered minors up to 2 years of age minus one day at the time of travel.

    General Considerations

    • It is mandatory to request the date of birth and age of the infant when generating the reservation.
    • Minors turning 2 years old during the trip must travel with a seat confirmed on LATAM flights and in combinations with other airlines. Passengers may choose between 2 options:
      • To travel as a CHD (round trip).
      • To travel as INF in the departure leg (OW ticket) and as a CHD on the return leg (OW ticket).
    • [NEW]: In order to give visibility at the PNR level when disassociated or not issued Tkt INF are detected, the following alert message will be inserted in the PNR's: PLS ADV REISSUE INF TKT BEFORE CHECKIN. Reservations under these conditions must be regularized.
    • Infants under 7 days must obtain Medical Certification to travel.
    • Infants must always travel accompanied by a legally responsible adult (18 years or older) or with an emancipated  adolescent. If traveling with one parent, the parent might be under 18. There are some exceptions. It is recommended to check any restrictions directly with the authority of the country of origin and destination of travel.
    • If the adult responsible for the infant requests a special service,  the adult must be able to:
      • Understand or follow safety instructions
      • Assist in case of an evacuation of the aircraft
      • Address their physiological needs (feeding and personal hygiene).
      • Adults traveling with infants are responsible for the infants’ meals.
    • Issuance of infant tickets (INF), after the issuance of the ticket of the adult companion in charge must be requested directly to LATAM


    Due to the irregularities detected during the boarding process of infant (INF) reservations and in an effort to enhance the customer’s travel experience before checking in at the airport, a new standard message will be added to the PNR regarding the need to regularize the ticketing or the association of the INF ticket in the reservation. 

    Remember that the ticketing of INF passengers is mandatory, even in cases of 100% discount (zero cost), as every customer needs to have a ticket in their name in order to board. 

    Issuance of infant tickets (INF), after the issuance of the ticket of the adult companion in charge must be requested directly to LATAM by contacting the respective Sales Support Executive.


    Points to consider to avoid irregularities: 

    • Ticketing of infant passengers with or without a fare charged is mandatory in all markets.
    • All infant passengers must be listed in the same reservation as the adult, i.e., both the ADT and the INF tickets must appear under the same PNR. There cannot be a separate or mirror reservation.
    • When reissuing a reservation that contains INF passengers, agents must ensure they reissue the existing INF TKT. The INF ticket must be associated (available in portuguese and spanish), to the reservation of the responsible adult.

    Failure to issue INF tickets causes disruptions in the services offered by the company and creates a negative impact on the customer’s travel experience. 

    When a PNR is detected with a non-associated or non-ticketed INF ticket , the following warning message will be added to all PNRs found in this situation: UPDATE INF TKT BEFORE CHECK IN. PNR's with this message must be regularized by the sales agents. 


    Incase you need to issue the infant's ticket separately from the adult's ticket, you must consider that: 

    • In cases where it is necessary to issue separate tickets for infants on 100% LATAM flights, we must take this into account: 
    • A new reservation must be created with an ADT and the INF, on the same flights and dates of the parent's PNR. (If you do not have the same flights you must issue on another date but with the same route). 
    • Only the INF must be issued.
    • The way in which the INF ticket is incorporated into the adult reservation already issued will be subject to the capacity of the distribution system used by the agency:
    • If the GDSs has active the option to add the INF tkt as a passenger to the previously issued adult booking: Insert INF name in ADTS record locatorReissue the INF tkt managed in the previous booking as INVOL on the booking class of the ADTs PNR
    • Enter the ENDORSEMENT: INF DIFF ADVP Enter INF name and tkt number:           OSI - INF (INF name) TKT 957XXXXXXXX ACCOMPANY ADT
    • If the GDSs does not have the option active to add the INF tkt as a passenger in the previously issued adult booking:Contact Support for incorporation of tkt INF on ADTs booking.
    •  It is mandatory to cancel the reservation generated for Infant after association.
    • Issuance of the infant ticket is mandatory for air transportation purposes.
    • In cases where a separate Infant ticket is required with flights operated by other airlines we must consider :
    • Create a PNR with the ADT and an INF and issue only the INF.Insert the tkt number of the INF generated through an OSI with the text: TKT INFT 957 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX , in the original reservation.It is mandatory to cancel the reservation generated for the Infant after association.

    - All reservations of INF traveling as CHD must have a mandatory SSR CKIN with the date of birth and age of the minor; indicating that the INF is travelling as a CHD. Example: INF 10 MONTHS TRAVELING AS CHD DOB10FEB2017.

    - Infants traveling with a seat must pay CHD fare and have one of the following devices:

    - CRS (Child Restrain System): Is a safety seat with a hardback support for infant passengers, approved for use in motorized vehicles and aircraft.

    On LATAM Airlines Brasil one CRS per aircraft is offered by company. In case is already taken, passenger has to use his/her own device. On the other markets the device has to be provided by passenter.

    - CARES (Child Aviation Restraint System): Consists in a harness installed around the seat’s back support in the Economy cabin. It is fastened with the seat’s safety belt to restrain the torso.

    CARES has to be provided by passenger. 

     To use these devices it must be considered:





    ·         Infants weighing between 10 and 20 kg.

    ·         Can only be used in Economy and Premium Economy.


    ·         Must have the following manufacturer label reading: "This restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft" or "FAA Approved for Aircraft Use Only"


    The Travel Agent must warn passengers of the use of these devices and the warning must be indicated in the reservation on an OSI: PSGR WAS ADV ABOUT CRS SEAT FOR INF.

    On LATAM Airlines Brasil CRS request for travel agencies will be supported by Contact Center. The request has to be performed as usual by Interact. Once is confirmed or denied Notify SSR area will advise agency about request status. It is very important phone number is added to the reservation at the moment of the service request and, if possible,  should be inserted one more option (another phone number).

    • Cannot be placed in the Emergency rows, or in the previous or subsequent rows.  
    • If it uses CRS¹ (Child Restraint System) on board:  
      • If it goes in lateral block, assign window  
      • If it goes in a central block (between two aisles), assign a middle seat.  
      • Never assign aisle  
    • Assign seat that has additional oxygen mask. Our aircrafts have 1 additional oxygen mask for each block of seats. 


    For non-Retrofit B767 Aircraft, the restriction on the assignment of seats for infants in the side blocks is eliminated, since the availability of an additional oxygen mask is standardized in each block of seats, throughout the LATAM fleet and in all cabins.

    A maximum of one infant travelling on the lap is allowed per block of seats in all cabins.

    Sabre restrict the allocation of an infant for each block of seats according to the amount of available oxygen masks


    • Airbelt: Air belt is a safety belt with an airbag on one of the belt straps; the airbag is deployed on impact represents a potential risk for certain passengers. Air belt seats cannot be assigned to: 


    Types of  aircraft

    Restricted Seats


    Airbus 319 / 320 / 321

    First row



    · Adults travelling with infant as a lap child.

    · Minors assigned a seat and using a Child Aviation Restraint (CARE), provided by the passenger.

    · Only on flights operated by LATAM Airlines Brazil / LATAM Airlines Paraguay ; for minors is also restricted the use of CRS (Child Restraint System)

    B787 - 8

    36AC-36JL (Seats for cabin crew on some routes)

    B787 - 9

    43AC-43JL (seats for cabin crew on some routes)



    Restrictions to the use of booster seats and baby carriers on board

    For safety reasons, and in accordance with current aeronautical regulations, the use of booster seats and baby carriers has been restricted during the flight.

    The following baby elements ARE NOT permitted in flight:  

    Booster seats:

    Booster seats are a type of seat that raise a child's seating position. However, booster seats require the use of shoulder belts, which are not available on airplanes. The use of boosters is not allowed during the entire flight (taxi, takeoff, cruise and landing). 

    Baby carriers:

    Baby carriers are a system permitting to hold a baby next to an adult's body. However, they have been designed exclusively as a means of transport, not a restraint system.  There are different types of baby carriers, including wraparound slings, buckle carriers, ring slings, mei tai, carrier backpacks, etc. The use of baby carriers are not permitted during taxiing, takeoff and landing.

    • The discount to apply might vary depending on the route and is reflected in the fare regulation. When there is an INF discount, they do not have the right to a seat on the aircraft.
    • If the purchased fare does not have a discount for INF, it must be sold as CHD assigning a seat to the infant, without exception.
    • INF fares only apply while the passenger maintains his/her infant status. If in any segment of the itinerary it becomes a Child (CHD), the Child fare will apply.
    • An INF travelling in one direction of their respective trip must be charged the available OW INF discount fare for whatever points the fare applies.
    • Up to 2 infants are allowed per adult, but only one of them is entitled to the INF discount. The other INF passenger will travel with assigned seat and must pay CHD fare. If the route and fare do not allow CHD discount, adult fare must be paid. The reservation must be generated with the ticket designator CHD and assign a seat.
    • Infant passengers (INF) will be permitted to travel on an adult’s lap in the Premium Economy/Business cabins paying only 10% of the fare on international routes and 0% on domestic routes.
    •  All infant fares on domestic routes will be at zero cost.
    • Minors (CHD or INF) with an assigned seat in all cabins will pay the same fare as adult passengers (ADT), i.e. 100% of the fare. *See exceptions for MX and CO below:
    • Infants under 02 years of age, traveling on the Adult's lap on an international route, originating in Mexico, pay 0% of the fare.Infants or children traveling with a seat as "CHD"
    • Infants on domestic routes in Colombia, pay 67% of the purchased fare, plus taxes.