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Special Needs | Wheelchair

    LATAM offers three different types of wheelchair services (WCHR, WCHS, WCHC) depending on the passenger`s needs and condition.

    Wheelchairs should be requested at the time of the reservation or no later than 48 hours before flight departure; through an SSR. Requests made within 48 hours to flight departure, the service will be requested and all the efforts will be done to provide the assistance at the Airport.

    We recommend that requests for this service include a brief explanation; in all cases, the service will be confirmed.

    Eventually, LATAM might request additional background to ensure the best service standard and avoid a major problem to passengers requiring a medical certificate for transportation.

    The seats should preferably be assigned in the aisle near the aircraft exit doors.






    Passenger can walk up and down the stairs, get to their seat on their own, but needs to be transported to the aircraft as they may not be able to move long distances..



    Passenger cannot walk up and down stairs and needs to be transported to the door of the aircraft, can reach the seat on their own.



    Passenger is not able to walk and needs to be taken to his/her seat. Not being able to walk does not mean inability to move, therefore he/she may travel unaccompanied, unless the degree of immobility prevents him/her from attending to himself in case of evacuation.


    Wheelchair service for flights to and from the United States extends the scope, this is that this assistance must be granted from the door of the terminal building and during the boarding process as well as when disembarking when the passenger requests it.

    Passengers can take their own wheelchairs, which can be transported in the aircraft hold free of charge and without being part of the free baggage allowance, as well as other assistance items, such as  crutches.

    When passengers travel with their own wheelchair, the SSR code (WCBW, WCBD, WCMP or WCLB) must be associated to the wheelchair service that will be provided at the airport by LATAM.

    Therefore, passengers should be consulted what kind of assistance will require at the airport and add the applicable wheelchair SSR code (WCHR, WCHS or WCHC).The wheelchair codes provided by the passenger are:






    Wet cell battery wheelchair (must be provided by the passenger).



    Wheelchair or motorized device, such as a "scooter". Powered by dry batteries. Passengers with these chairs must arrive 1 hour before other passengers.



    Manual wheelchair power, this code is used to identify passengers who bring their own "manual" wheelchair.



    This code is used to transport wheelchairs with lithium batteries.



    In case of voluntary changes of flight or route, the service must be requested again taking into consideration the conditions for its confirmation.