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BAGGAGE - Change in special baggage policy


We would like to inform you that, starting April 5, 2024, golf equipment, wakeboards, bodyboards, boogie boards, and snowboards will be accepted as standard checked baggage.


The previously mentioned equipment will be removed from the list of items considered as special baggage and will now be considered as a standard checked baggage piece (23 kg).


Standard baggage:

  • Weight allowance: up to 23 kg.

  • Dimensions: maximum 158 linear cm (sum of length + width + height).


Reservations with special baggage purchased (paid) before April 5, 2024 will not be eligible for a refund of the additional service.


Excess baggage charges policies remain unchanged.


Sale of checked baggage.

Date of Implementation:

For reservations or ancillaries issued starting today, for flights from April 5, 2024 onwards.


Customers who wish to transport the following items: golf equipment, wakeboards, bodyboards, boogie boards, and snowboards, may do so as part of their regular baggage allowance, as long as it is included in the purchased fare or they have baggage as a benefit of the Elite category. For example:


A customer with a FULL brand, who is entitled to 1 piece of checked baggage weighing 23 kg, wishes to transport their snowboard. 


a. At no additional cost, if the customer decides to replace this item with the 23 kg suitcase they are entitled to with their fare.


b. By paying the price of an additional checked bag, the customer will be able to add the special baggage in addition to the allowed suitcase. In this case, it will be necessary to purchase the additional service of a “checked bag” (second 23 kg bag).

  • For bookings with flights scheduled before April 5, 2024, these equipment items should be considered as Special Baggage, therefore the policies established for Special Baggage will apply.

  • The information regarding the change in this policy will be published on the website


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