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HANDICAP - New acceptance conditions for the SVAN service (except on routes to, from or via the United States)


In an effort to improve the experience of SVAN (Service Animal) service users, we are updating the acceptance conditions for this service on all applicable routes, except our routes to, from or via the United States.


A distinction has been introduced to the “SVAN Service Animal” concept in order to differentiate between guide dogs and medical alert dogs:


Guide dogs:

  • These dogs assist people with a sensory impairment (visual

or hearing)


Medical alert dogs:

  • Balance impairment (counterbalance function)
  • Diabetic alert (changes in blood sugar)
  • Epilepsy alert (seizures) 
  • Cardiac alert (changes in heart rate and blood pressure)


Service Animal (SVAN) service

Date of Implementation:

February 29


The new conditions for the SVAN service apply to all routes, except our USA routes:

  • Acceptance is restricted to 1 SVAN per customer
  • A certificate (in printed or digital format) is required certifying specific training for the task assigned (guide or alert). The certificate must be issued by any accredited or approved agency depending on the country:




Training center affiliated to

Assistance Dogs International



Training center affiliated to

International Guide Dog Federation

(IGDF) *


Registration badge issued by the

National Council for the Integration

Peru of Persons with Disabilities -



Training center registered with the

National Register of Disabilities


Badge issued by the National

Agency for Disability - ANDIS


Badge issued by a national or

international entity approved or

certified by the Colombian Animal

Therapy Association and/or the

Colombian Agricultural Institute



Guide Dog School of Ecuador



Other organization(s) approved by

the local authority of the country


o   The training certificate must include the name of the passenger as the animals owner or trainer (the latter only in CL, BR and CO).

o   The dog´s name must be entered in the reservation via an OSI, which must coincide with the name stated in the certificate.

o   The certificate will be required at the airport to verify compliance with all acceptance requirements.

  • Colombia is now part of the countries that accept the carriage of SVAN dogs undergoing training: To, from and within Colombia, the dog must be accompanied by its owner or trainer wearing a green vest and with all required accreditations, including the name of the owner or trainer
  • (passenger) in the dog;s documents.


In addition, on all the routes that offer this service (including USA routes), the service animal must be at least 4 months of age.


All other restrictions to this service, as well as the restrictions in force on the routes to/from the USA remain unchanged.


All previously confirmed services will be honored.




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