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TICKET CHANGES - Considerations for tickets issued via GDS and reissued by LATAM



We would like to inform some considerations for LATAM tickets, as indicated in IATA Resolution 722.G, which refers to the possibility for an agency to access and/or modify a ticket originally issued by that agency and subsequently reissued by an airline.


Tickets issued through GDS that have been reissued by LATAM.

Date of Implementation:



The following considerations must be taken in these cases:


  • For the functionality to be fully effective, adjustments to the GDS settings are required due to the Agency Access to Airline Reissued Documents - Enabling Exchange rule ("Industry Mandate - Agency access to airline reissued documentsEnabling Exchange"). If there are any doubts, it is recommended that agents contact the GDS technical support for assistance


  • The agency will be able to regain control of the ticket according to the transactions sent by their GDS. 


  • The conditions set by IATA must be complied with


  • E-LATAM and NDC do not have this flexibility.


Ticket Modifications:


For reissued tickets (voluntary or involuntary) where the reissue is done directly by LATAM, the Travel Agency will not lose control of the ticket, therefore in case of future requests, they will be able to reissue the respective tickets.


Please note that ticket modifications should always be processed by the issuing Agency. Reissuance is allowed at a different office from the original as long as it corresponds to a branch of the same Travel Agency, maintaining the same channel/business and IATA code.


Important: Agencies using the ARC system will only be able to view the ticket reissued by the airline. It will not be possible to reissue the ticket due to a limitation of the ARC system.




The refund request is handled directly with LATAM for cases where the ticket is reissued by LATAM.


Ticket Modifications


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