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RESERVATIONS - Waiting List option now available in GDS for reservations in Premium Economy and Premium Business cabins


Agencies can now create Waiting Lists (WL) for certain spaces in the Premium Economy and Premium Business cabins (classes W and J) respectively.


Reservations in Premium Economy and Premium Business cabins generated by travel agencies in any market.

Date of Implementation:

October 25


To create a WL, the agency must consider the following:


  • The policy applies to reservations on 100% LATAM flights
  • Only for WL bookings in classes W and J in Premium Economy and Premium Business cabins
  • Segments booked as WL are confirmed automatically once the class requested becomes available
  • Not valid for group reservations


WL Confirmation:

  • The agency will receive the WL confirmation via a queue 18 once the space requested is confirmed
  • Ticketing will only be possible after spaces have been confirmed (HK Status). Tickets will be issued on LATAM stock exclusively
  • Ticketing must comply with all applicable fare regulations
  • Spaces with WL Status will be automatically canceled if they have not been confirmed within 72 hours. before the flight. At the same time, they cannot be requested in windows smaller than the one mentioned.
  • Please note that, due to system limitations, the confirmation of the WL will not occur if there is any involuntary schedule change in the PNR.


Cancellation Policy:

Segments on the Waiting List are automatically confirmed once spaces become available in the class requested. If the Waiting List is not confirmed or canceled, agencies must remove the unconfirmed segment from the GDS at least 24 hours before the flight departure.


The functionality will initially be available only for GDS reservations. We are working to bring it to NDC by LATAM in the future.




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