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SALES - Name correction in the same PNR for reservations with LATAM flights


We inform that there is an active feature in our GDSs that allows the correction of a name or surname to be performed on the original PNR, provided that the correction does not exceed up to 3 characters.


This implies greater autonomy for travel agencies, as they now have the ability to manage corrections without the need to contact LATAM support areas.


Name corrections of up to 3 characters for reservations on flights operated exclusively by LATAM.

Date of Implementation:



Name corrections are subject to the correction policies defined in 'Sales | Name Correction.


With this new functionality of allowing corrections of up to 3 characters on the original PNR, agents will be able to make the change from the original PNR and complete the ticket reissue according to the current policy.


When the correction requires changing a greater number of characters, the process of generating a new PNR will be maintained. If this is not done (new PNR), the system will detect non-compliant corrections and proceed with their cancellation. Detailed examples are provided to illustrate what is allowed:


Example 1:

  • Original name: [S, A, N, T, H, O, S, S]
  • Corrected name: [S, A, N, T, O, S]


DOES NOT COMPLY with the requirements to be corrected in the same PNR because the last 4 characters were modified.


Example 2:

  • Original name: [S, A, N, T, E, S]
  • Corrected name: [S, A, N, D, O, H]


COMPLIES with the requirements to be corrected in the same PNR as only 3 characters were modified.


Through automatic identification performed by the system, reservations with incorrect corrections will be flagged, and the segments will be canceled.

  • After a name correction, the ticket must be reissued immediately (even on flights with purely domestic itineraries).
  • The reissue should be done as historical, without penalty or fare difference.

  • In the 'Endorsements' field, the following remark should be entered: NM CORRECTION.
  • This applies to flights with 100% LATAM itineraries.
  • Currently, this functionality is only available for GDS bookings. We are working to make it available for NDC bookings soon.


Additionally, we would like to inform you that the chapter 'Sales | Name Correction' published in LATAM Trade has been updated.


Sales | Name Correction