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MINORS - Assignment of adjacent seats to minors


In compliance with current regulations in Brazil (CNJ Resolution 295) and Chile (Law 21,398), every passenger under the age of majority must have their seat assigned next to a responsible adult within the family group they are traveling with.


The applicable age criteria are:

  • Brazil: Minors until before turning 16 years old (Resolution 295 of CNJ).


  • Chile: Minors until they turn 14 years old (Law 21,398).


  • Other markets: Minors until before turning 12 years old (LATAM Policy)."


Currently, an automatic seat assignment process for passengers on the same reservation is in effect within 48 hours before the flight, where children (CHD) are assigned next to an adult from the same booking.


Because of this, it becomes MANDATORY to input the SR DOCS so that the date of birth of every passenger is identified in all reservations, even if it is a domestic flight in any country.


By entering the date of birth, our reservation system will calculate the passenger's age and add an SSR TEEN to all teenage passengers. This allows their seats to be assigned with the current family group logic, which assigns seats next to an adult in the same reservation.


If a contiguous seat has not been assigned to a minor next to an adult, it is necessary to contact GSS.


Seat assignment for minors in the Brazil and Chile markets

Date of Implementation:



In cases where customers wish to choose seats of their preference instead of opting for automatic assignment of adjacent seats, agents can offer seat selection according to current standards.


For minors whose assignment has not occurred in a seat next to the ADT or in cases of passengers traveling with minors in separate bookings, it is necessary to contact the LATAM Global Sales Support team for the automatic assignment of adjacent seats (when not opting to purchase the seat selection product).


When contiguous seats are not available on the seat map, the assignment for the adult traveling with a minor will be handled directly at the airport to ensure they travel together.


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