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MINORS- Changes to the Infant Policy


LATAM announces the following modifications to its Infant Policy:


  • Infant passengers (INF) will be permitted to travel on an adult’s lap in the Premium Economy/Business cabins paying only 10% of the fare on international routes and 0% on domestic routes. 


  • All infant fares on domestic routes will be at zero cost.


  • Minors (CHD or INF) with an assigned seat in all cabins will pay the same fare as adult passengers (ADT), i.e. 100% of the fare. *See exceptions for MX and CO.


Infant fares

Implementation Date:

July 08, 2021


  • The restriction of one (1) adult traveling with maximum one (1) infant is maintained. If the adult is traveling with 2 infants, one of them must pay the Child (CHD) fare and occupy a seat.
  • The Baby Bassinet service is NOT available in the Premium cabins (Economy and Business).
  • Infant tickets purchased before the change but reissued after implementation will be charged under the following conditions:
  • Given the oxygen mask restriction per row, in the Business cabin only one child may be assigned per seat block. On the B767 No Retrofit, infants will be assigned as follows:
    • Premium cabin: first row and center seats.
    • Economy cabin: first row and center seats.
    • If the customer changes the second coupon, the conditions valid at the time of purchase are maintained, as this is a case of historic reissue.
    • If the customer changes the first coupon, the new rules apply, as this is a case of exchange reissue.


The following exceptions are maintained: 


  • Mexico: INF Fares without a seat originating in Mexico are subject to 100% discount regardless of the cabin. Only pay applicable taxes for the route are charged.
  • Colombia: Tickets issued as CHD on domestic routes CO are subject to a 33% discount on the fare purchased.


Both exceptions have been loaded to the fare regulations; therefore, pricing is automatic and no additional steps are required during the sale process.