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New Irregularity

We would like to inform you that starting 04/06/2022, LATAM Airlines Group, will add a new irregularity (PIA) named “Fictitious Ticket”, to its Booking Policies. With “Fictitious Ticket,” LATAM Airlines Group seeks to improve secure bookings and ticket issuance from our inventory by penalizing proven actions that go against our Booking Policies.

The Fictitious Ticket irregularity will be posted in LATAM’s Irregularity Portal, available at You can also access our Booking Policies at, in the section “Contents of Interest”, LATAM’s Booking Policies.

A Transition Period will start on 04/06/2022 and end on 05/04/2022. During the Transition Period, proven Fictitious Tickets findings will be notified to the corresponding agency by 04/06/2022. Upon said notice, the agency shall correct all of the agency’s internal errors regarding the notified proven Fictitious Ticket findings in order to be exempted from the corresponding fine. You can also see notified proven Fictitious Tickets findings on our portal, starting on 04/06/2022.

After the Transition Period is over and starting on 05/04/2022, proven Fictitious Tickets findings are subject to fines, which will be informed to the agency by 05/04/2022, according to the procedures in our Booking Policies.

For additional Information please visit

1. LATAM Trade, Local Contents, Booking and Issuance Irregularities (US)

2. LATAM Trade, Local Contents, LATAM’s Booking Policies (EU)

3. PIA Portal.

For any additional information please email us to