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REFUNDS - Points to consider about Refunds

This is to inform our Travel Agents of the following additions to our refund policy that will come into effect immediately.

1. IATA Resolutions 024K and 017f

2. Refund due to Exact Duplication between direct sale and indirect sale tickets

3. Legal exception for Israel

1. IATA Resolutions 024K and 017f

Ticket refunds processed by LATAM must adhere to the terms contained in IATA resolutions 024K and 017f.

2. Refund due to Exact Duplication between direct sale and indirect sale tickets

For those cases where the customer reports exact duplication with a direct sale ticket, Travel Agents are authorized to request a refund due to duplication of the ticket issued via the indirect channel.

Please keep in mind that these requests must be processed via indirect refund, where BSPLink/ARC is enabled.

For these requests, direct reimbursement is not authorized and any request in this way will be adjusted to all the fare regulations and subject to collection.

It is mandatory to enter a message when requesting the refund, specifying the duplicate ticket and sending to refund the ticket that will NOT be used. Ex: EXACT DUPLICITY WITH TKT 045XXXXXXXXXX (Ticket that will be used).

In these cases, the administrative fee associated to the duplication will not be charged.

All other processes associated with exact duplicate tickets  remain unchanged.

3. Legal exception for Israel

Complying with the "Israel Consumer Protection Law 5776-2016." Which establishes that passengers who make non-in-person purchases in Israel from Tickets/ Ancillaries have the right to request a 100% refund of the Ticket/Ancillary, provided that the refund is requested up to 14 days after your purchase and there are 7 working days before the start date of the trip.

Applies regardless of the country where the refund is requested, as long as it is non-contact sales made in Israel, with IATA of Israel.Additionally, the following passengers will have a period of 4 months to request a refund:

  • Senior citizen as a person who has attained the age of 65
  • New immigrant as a person residing in Israel during the first five-year period after having received an Oleh visa or an Oleh eligibility certificate from the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption (an Oleh visa and certificate may be granted to Jewish immigrants and members of families of Jews immigrating to Israel under the Law of Return, 6710-1950 (SH 5710 No. 51, p. 159))
  • Disabled person as a person with disabilities in accordance with the Law for Equal Rights for Person with Disabilities, 5758-1998 (SH 5758 No. 1658, p. 152). (Amendment Law § 4, adding § 14C1(a) to the Consumer Protection Law.)

The exception must be channeled through the LATAM Sales Support Executive and this must be supported with a Waiver.

This law does not apply to sales in Travel Agencies or websites outside of Israel.

This information will be updated in the Refunds chapter.