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PASSENGER PROTECTION - Modification to the Airport Change Policy


This is to inform a change in the policy of Change of Airport for domestic and international flights affected by rescheduling or cancellations. The new policy consists of changing the departure or arrival of a flight to an airport that is no more than 500 km (300 miles)  within the same country.


The change of airport is an additional option to those existing in the protection policy for passengers who proactively request to travel to another airport.


More details in considerations.


Itineraries affected by rescheduling or cancellations

Date of Implementation:

April 21, 2022


  • With this new definition, the list of domestic and international airports that allowed the change of airport is eliminated.
  • The change of airport must be kept within the same country.
  • The change of airport applies exclusively to marketing and operating LATAM flights. 
  • If the client does not agree with his protection and requests to modify his trip from another airport, the travel agent will be able to verify in his distribution system if the airport complies with the maximum distance of 500 km. 
  • Ground transportation expenses between airports or basic services are the responsibility of the passenger.
  • The reissue must keep the original fare construction, considering not updating the taxes, no collection of fees or fare differences will be made. 
  • Must be included in the Endorsement field: SKDCHG or INVOL with the details of the affected flight. 
  • Subsequent voluntary changes will be made according to the fare conditions.

Protection to an airport outside the defined range must be supported by a commercial procedure.




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