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Special Passengers | Minors

    This chapter takes into consideration information regarding bookings, fares and issuance for Minor (CHD) passengers.

    Each type of passenger corresponds to:

    Type of Passenger


    Infant (INF)

    Any and all person under the age of 2.

    Child (CHD)

    Any and all person under the age of 12. When travelling without the company of a person over 18 this passenger is considered an Unaccompanied Minor.


    Any person aged 12 and under 18. An emancipated adolescent is considered an adult



    Minors (between ages 12 and 17) traveling by themselves must be identified in the system with the code SSR TEEN on all LATAM flights.

    The SSR TEEN must be entered at the time of ticket purchase or later if a minor between 12 and 17 years is traveling alone* without an optional UMNR service.

    In these cases the Travel Agent must contact their Support in order to them insert the SSR element in the PNR.

    * Also applies to school or other groups that travel accompanied to a guide person, such as Study Tours.


    Double discount considerations


    Double discount for minors on individual bookings is not allowed.

    When operators wish to apply negotiated discounts on individual bookings (e.g. one deal associated with a tour code) they cannot be added to discounts for passenger type (CHD). In other words, operators must choose a single discount for issuance. Therefore:

    • When choosing a negotiated discount (for example; one deal), issuance will be linked to a tour code and tickets for minors must be issued applying the adult discount, preserving the CHD code next to the name on the ticket.
    •  When choosing the fare discount (Child Discount) the discounted percentage will be applied according to fare regulations and issuance will follow standard procedure.
    • In the event a ticket has been issued with a double discount, it will be penalized; charging the applicable difference for the route according to passenger type, plus the administrative charge associate with ADM issuance in the corresponding markets.
    • Exceptions to this definition are covered when pricing will be given automatically. 

    Please note: Independent of whether ADT fares are used on the booking, the minor must be identified as CHD to comply with airport and safety protocols.

    All children between the ages of 2 and 12 years minus one day are considered minors(CHD); the age applies on the date of departure

    General Considerations

    • Passengers over 18 have no restrictions on the amount of minors under their responsibility. This applies for all LATAM domestic and international routes.
    • Special meal services for children (CHML) must be requested on the booking; otherwise the child will receive an adult meal.
    • There are articles for the comfort of minor passengers that might be transported in the aircraft cabin
    • All minors between 5 and 11 years old must travel with an adult companion (over 18 years old) or emancipated adolescent* in the same or different cabin on the aircraft (if travelling with one of his or her parents the accompanying minor can be under 18).
    • If the minor is travelling alone he or she must travel under the conditions stipulated for Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR).

    CHD passengers cannot be seated in emergency exit rows. They must be seated next to an adult in the family group (in a seat immediately next to the responsible adult), always in the same row.

    Airbelt seats cannot be assigned to:

    Types of  aircraft

    Restricted Seats


    Airbus 319/320/321

    First row

    -  Minors with assigned seats using a harness (CARES), which must be provided by the passenger.

    -  Only on flights operated by LATAM Airlines Brasil for minors is also restricted the use safety seat (CRS)

    B787 - 8

    36AC-36JL (Seats for cabin crew on some routes)

    B787 - 9

    43AC-43JL (seats for cabin crew on some routes)

    • The fare applicable to a CHD passenger corresponds to a percentage of the adult fare and may vary depending on the route and corresponding class. This is reflected in the fare regulation.
    • The fare applies on the first date of travel, i.e. it applies to the entire trip regardless of whether the child may turn 12 during the trip.
    • There is no discount in Premium Cabins.

    Minors  (between the ages of 8 and 11 years minus one day) travelling on LATAM flights with their parents or responsible adult on different cabins are considered for all intents and purposes accompanied minors (UMNR does not apply). However, to facilitate boarding procedures certain considerations have been established: The bookings of the minors must have an SSR CKIN with the PNR code of the responsible adult. Example: SSR CKIN MINOR TRAVELING WITH ADULT PNR XXXXX.