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Special Passengers | Medical Support

    All passengers with medical conditions (List of medical conditions) must undergo a special certification for their boarding, which must be done preferably in the form provided for this (MEDIF) or through a Medical Certificate.

    • The purpose of the MEDIF or medical certification is:
      • Authorize boarding for a passenger requiring special assistance.
      • Confirm special service when additional authorization is needed (for example wheelchairs)
    • This procedure applies to all LATAM routes
    • LATAM does not provide medical assistance of any kind.Minors (CHD) who require Medical Certification for their boarding can not be accepted as an unaccompanied minor (UMNR).
    • Any and all passengers with infectious diseases must present a medical certificate detailing they are not a risk of contagion, otherwise said passengers cannot board the flight despite undergoing treatment and have submitted the required MEDIF. Infectious disease is a disease that is quickly and easily transmitted to others such as: influenza, chicken pox, small pox, measles, rubella, tuberculosis, meningitis, whooping cough and diphtheria.
    • Insulin-dependent passengers: do not need to process medical certification for their boarding, however, they must present a medical certificate proving their insulin-dependent status in order to allow them to use syringes on board.
    • The medical certificate or MEDIF must be issued no earlier than 10 days before departure of the first flight on their respective itineraries; said certificate or MEDIF can be used on the return flight independent of the date of that flight provided the passenger's medical conditions has not changed.

    The MEDIF is a standard format and corroborates a passengers medical history, allowing the LATAM medical area to understand what condition the passenger is currently in and make all the necessary recommendations to ensure the passengers wellbeing and operational safety. The MEDIF is composed of two parts:


    Part 1: Must be filled in by the passenger or Travel Agent.  
    Part 2: Must be filled in by the passenger's doctor. 


    If a passenger submits a medical certificate from his or her doctor it must have, as a minimum, the same information required in the MEDIF, such as for example: 


    • The passenger is authorized to travel by plane.
    • The passenger needs or doesn't need a travel companion, specifying if said companion should be a health professional.If there are special requirements (Medical Devices, etc.)
    • The passenger's pharmacotherapy and other support measures.
    • The certificate must follow the same procedure and be certified by the LATAM medical area.


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    • The Travel Agent must review the List of medical conditions that must be submitted to validation of the LATAM medical area.
    • Ideally, the Medical Certification must be processed with a minimum of 48 hours before the departure of the flight. In shorter periods, it is not possible to compromise response times of the medical areas that ensure the passenger's trip.
    • Once the required data have been entered, the MEDIF or Medical Certificate must be delivered to LATAM Offices at least 48 hours before the flight. The company will process the certification with the LATAM doctor.In case of denied boarding, the LATAM Agent that received the request will contact the Agent or Passenger to inform the reason.
    • The LATAM doctor can condition the boarding, requiring a companion (responsible adult) physically and mentally enabled for the passenger's attention.
    • For boarding the passenger must present the medical certificate or MEDIF received by email with the authorization sent by LATAM.

    In the event of passengers with peanut allergy, the LATAM policy regarding this respect should be informed.



    Any passenger with this condition must be aware about the following: 

    a) LATAM cannot guarantee that the onboard menus and/or snacks will be free of peanuts or peanut-derived products, as these may be used as an ingredient in their preparation.

    b) LATAM cannot guarantee a peanut-free environment onboard due to the previous point, as it has no control over other passengers bringing their own supply of peanuts with them. 


    The passenger is responsible for all the precautionary measures required during their trip (medicines, etc.).

    The list of medical conditions includes diseases and conditions that are always subject to process a Medical Certification (MEDIF form or Medical Certificate) and another one with diseases and conditions that only require evaluation by the medical area under certain circumstances.


    Diseases and Conditions always subject to process a medical certification (medical certificate/MEDIF) :


    Myocardial infarction

    Heart failure

    Pulmonary edema

    Cyanotic congenital cardiac malformation.

    Heart surgery



    Defibrillator / pacemaker.

    AV Node Ablation (atrioventricular).

    Deep venous thrombosis (DVT).

    Pulmonary embolism


    Ear surgery


    Decompression (divers).


    Cystic fibrosis

    Puerperal women (within 7 days of delivery)

    Newborns within 7 days of delivery.

    Jaw fractures or injuries

    Abortion in progress or risk of abortion

    Multiple Sclerosis (Must specify if there are any special needs)

    Brain vascular accident (BVA) (Must specify if there are any special needs)

    Terminal disease (3-4 stage cancer or metastasis).

    Severe mental disability, Endogenous depression, Advanced Alzheimer's, Neurodegenerative diseases.

    Psychiatric clinical condition without diagnosis in the last 30 days.

    Clotting disorder (purples, thrombophilia, thrombocytopenia).

    Cancer: of the pancreas, gallbladder, liver, kidney, stomach, colon, prostate, bladder, cervix or lung cancer.

    Disease infectious (respiratory diseases, measles, chicken pox, syncytial virus)

    Psychiatric illnesses diagnosed in the last 30 days (panic disorder, major depression, schizophrenia, manic depressive psychosis, bipolar).

    Using lower limb cast including external knee fixator or rigid knee immobilizer

    Tuberculosis (TBC)

    Must specify 3 negative Bk, must prove there is no risk of contagion or 4 months of treatment.

    Brain surgery or Trauma Encephalocranial open (TEC) (Must specify if there are any special needs)

    Emphysema, Fibrosis, Hemothorax, EPOC, Chronic air flow limitation, Asthma, Neuromuscular disorder, Arteriovenous malformations

    Acute /chronic respiratory failure, acute/chronic pulmonary hypertension, bronchiectasis,  chronic kidney failure.

    Diseases and conditions that require medical certification (medical certificate/MEDIF) in certain cases:

    Anemias (all kinds

    Acute anemia (less than 10 days from diagnosis) that are moderate or severe (hemoglobin equal to or less than 7 gr.) If massive bleeding (major losses to 2 liters of blood) you must have at least passed 3 weeks to authorize the flight.

    Venous insufficiency (varicose veins)

    Only for flights longer than 6 hours


    If the last crisis occurred less than 3 months ago or if diagnosed recently (less than 3 months).


    Only required if surgery occurred less than 6 months ago.

    Upper and lower gastrointestinal bleeding

    Only complete the process if the hemorrhage occurred less than 1 month ago.

    Liver surgery, colon, pancreas, kidney, bladder, prostate, bowel obstruction colostomy

    Only if the hemorrhage occurred less than 3 weeks ago.

    Appendectomy and open cholecystectomy

    If it has been less than 10 days

    Appendix and gall laparoscopic surgery

    If it has been less than 5 days

    Hepatitis A

    If the evolution time is less than 4 weeks.

    Bariatric surgery, surgery balloon, gastric sleeve

    If it has been less than 10 days since surgery.

    Lithotripsy, tummy tucks, liposuction, lifting, inguinal hernias, abdominal hernias, breast surgery (implants-reductions-extirpation of cysts)

    If it has been less than 72 since performed, or it is drained, or if the flight is more than 3 hours.

    Intestinal obstruction without surgery

    If the even occurred in the last 7 days.

    Penetrating wound eye, eye trauma, glaucoma

    If the event occurred in the last 21 days.

    Intraocular surgery (positioning intraocular lens)

    If the surgery occurred in the last 30 days.

    Spontaneous abortion

    If the event occurred in the last 7 days.

    Short plaster under knee, plaster of upper limb, patient with knee immobilizer hinged, sprains

    If cast covers the entire upper extremity (from shoulder to wrist).


    If there are 2 or more large burned areas of the body (eg arms, legs, trunk) or a severe burn requiring hospitalization.

    Column or hip surgery

    If surgery was less than 3 months ago

    Exposed fracture operated

    If occurred less than 1 month ago

    Sprain, knee arthroscopy, meniscus injury, ligaments operation

    If occurred less than 1 month ago

    Rheumatologic diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, fibromialgia)

    If diagnosed less than 6 months ago o the last crisis was less than 6 months ago


    Only in a timeframe of less than 1 month

    Lung surgery 

    Only in a timeframe of less than 1 month

    Diabetes, chronic liver failure.

    If you've had seizures (upwards or downwards) in the last 30 days that required emergency assistant or hospitalization.

    Cranial closed brain trauma (TEC)

    Only required if occurred less than 10 days ago


    Any other recent pathology that may cause customers to become organically decompensated or that may involve the risk of a serious in-flight event must process Medical Certification.