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    Group reservations must comply with the following considerations:

    • A group reservation is a business consisting of 10 or more passengers. Group reservations can only be created through LATAM. Group reservations created by Travel Agencies will not be evaluated.
    • Groups will be associated to the Brand Plus standard.
    • The names of the groups are assigned by LATAM who administers a single group reservation. Except for requests made through the GSO tool; where the Travel Agency must enter the name of the group.

    The name of the group must be correctly entered in the request made through GSO, in order to identify possible duplications and the business to which it corresponds. It must contain a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 23 characters to allow easy identification,  numbers, name of agency or destination city and the word "group" must be omitted.

    In the case of schools or student tours, you must identify the name of the school, grade and letter. Example: COLEGIOALCATARAIIA

    For sports groups:  it is mandatory to include the letters “DEP” before the group name and the corresponding POS at the end of the name.


    • A maximum 10% reduction is permitted based on the initial terms; otherwise LATAM will reevaluate terms and conditions. On incentive travel groups a maximum of 10% reduction is permitted.
    • If the group ends up with less than 10 passengers, the conditions originally bargained will no longer apply.
    • LATAM Groups must apply all fare regulations during all the steps of the negotiation (sale-post sale). At the time of quotation, all fare regulations will be considered, but if due to negotiation purposes between the date of application and issuance, changes in the itinerary of the group occur, the following fare regulations will be allowed not to be considered at the time of issue: MIN/MAX/ADVP/Day Application and Flight Application.
    • The exception applies exclusively to first issue, not reissues 
    • For Domestic groups Colombia, additional to the MIN/MAX/ADVP/Day Application and Flight Application; Blackouts (BO), Stopover (SO) and Season (SE) will not be considered. 
    • Groups will be quoted excluding surcharges (Q) in the negotiation that is applying over commissions or discounts to the fare and not Qs. The purpose of this definition is to just negotiate net amounts over fares (current Qs will be added at ticketing).
    • In case of fare variations, LATAM will honor the negotiated net fare without Q adjusting the discount or over percentage. This is not extensive to Qs variations. Service charges apply according to every market`s particular condition.
    • On the markets where is authorized, the group reservation will be transferred to the travel agency providing that the business has been closed.
    • The following Groups will be evaluated by the Corporate Security Department. Who will determine the boarding requirements
      • Group of minors from 2-11 years old. The minor-escort ratio for groups from 2-6 years old is 1 escort per every 4 minors and for groups from 7-11 years old is 1 escort per every 20 minors. For groups over 20 minors, one additional adult will be required for each 1 to 10 additional minors. E.g.: 2 adults will need to accompany a group of 21 minors.
      • The accompanying adult must be a legally responsible, self-sufficient adult (18 years or older).
      • The LATAM Agent must enter an SSR CKIN in the reservation and in free text enter the name of the passenger in charge of the group Example: PAX JUAN PEREZ IN CHARGE OF SCOUT GROUP APOQUINDO SCHOOL.
    • Any group request that includes disabled passengers will be subject to the same requirements as when traveling as individual passengers, that is, they will be embarked without restriction as long as they are able to:
      • Understand and respond to safety instructions
      • Assist themselves during an evacuation and
      • Move about the cabin, feed themselves and take care of their personal hygiene.

    Those passengers in the group who do not meet these three criteria must travel with unattendant, as established in the conditions for transportation included under Passengers with Disabilities or with Special Assistance Needs in MUNDOLATAM.

    When entering the name of the passengers in the reservation, the Travel Agent must include the SSR codes associated to the passengers special need, i.e. SSR BLND for blind passengers, SSR DEAF for deaf passengers, SSR WCHS, WCHR, WCHC, WCBW, DPNA, etc., just like in individual reservations.

    • Group leader contacts are mandatory for notification purposes either at origin and destination cities.
    • Interline group reservations must be reserved on the respective operating flight numbers, not on the codeshare flights.
    • Quotation of interline itineraries will not be accepted if LATAM does not take part in the itinerary (at least as marketing carrier and in the routes before mentioned).
    • Groups that come from different origins but with a minimum of 10 passengers with the same final destination could be treated as groups.
    • All the requests of groups must include the following information:
      • Identification of the Agency: Agency`s details (IATA), name of the agent, contacts (telephone, e-mail, etc).
      • Identification of the group: Number of passengers, Type of passenger (adults or children), whether they are residents or foreigners. Characteristics of the type of group: Corporate, Ethnic or Tourism, in addition if it is about Youth, Children (CHD), Adults without children, Families or Seniors. If the group includes disabled passengers, advice the type of disability.
      • Type of cabin requested: Business or Economy (Class of Service).
      • Routing and destination of the group range of dates and possible dates of the journey. Is mandatory to request a favorite flight. If there are any portions of the journey through other companies in the routing it should be mentioned.
    • CHD discount does not apply. Except in 100% DOM groups Argentina. The number of CHD passengers in the group must be informed. LATAM will deliver conditions (% over or discount) considered the CHD of the group.
    • Domestic Groups Chile can only be negotiated as round trips (one way groups cannot be sold).


    Travel Agencies should process their requests through the channel established by the Regional Office.

    Whenever LATAM confirms a group request (48 hrs later), the PNR is created and the agency is informed through an e-mail. This e-mail will inform the agency the TL established for group.

    Response time for off-line international segment requests will depend on the carrier involved.

    • Time Limit is given according to the route and will be classified as Long Haul, Regional and Domestic route.
    • On a group reservation, where the itinerary is composed by more than one business, the TL conditions will be:
      • Long Haul: If there is at least one LH segment.
      • Regional: If there are not LH segments and there is at least one REG segment.
      • Domestic: If there are not LH or REG segments.

    All LATAM groups are subject to a prepayment - Except for Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South Africa that does not apply prepayment - this will be applicable or not according to date range of bookings made before departure and the route. The prepayment will involve a fee per passenger according to the route quoted. If the group is not ticketed, the PNR will be canceled upon TL expiration and the prepayment will not be reimbursed and could not be used for another group.

    Once the prepayment is made, the PNR will state a message (SSR OTHS) that will authorize the extension of the ticketing time limit according to the following (provided that the group is confirmed in all its sections). See exceptions that apply per market*

    The following time limits (TL) and amounts of prepayments will apply for group reservations made in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, United States, Mexico, Oceania, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay:


    Commercial Conditions for Time Limits (TLs) and Pre-payments


    Group Departure Point

    TL Pre-payment or Advance Payment

    Prepaid Amount (p/psgr)

    TL Full Payment (TL Client)

    TL Issuance

    Long Haul

    Departures 65 or more days away

    14 days after confirming the booking

    USD $100.

    AUD $100 in Oceania

    31 days before flight departure

    3 days before flight departure.

    Between 64 and 35 days prior to departure.

    7 days after confirming the booking (except for Colombia which increases to 10 days)

    USD $100.

    AUD $100 in Oceania

    31 days before flight departure

    Between 34 and 8 days prior to departure

    Not applicable   

    Not applicable   

    3 days after confirming the booking

    7 days or less away from departure

    Not applicable   

    Not applicable   

    1 day after confirming the booking

    Regional /


    Departures 45 or more days away

    14 days after confirming the booking (Except for Colombia which increases to 21 days)

    Regional  USD$50. AUD$ 50 in Oceania.



    USD $25.

    AUD$ 25 in Oceania

    Domestic Colombia COP 50.000

    Domestic Ecuador: Galapagos 35USD for the remaining domestic routes EC 25USD

    21 days prior to flight departure.

    3 days prior to flight departure for domestic flights


    2 days prior to departure for domestic flights

    Between 44 and 25 days prior to departure.

    7 days after confirming the booking (Except for Colombia which increases to 10)

    Between 24 and 6 days prior to departure.

    Not applicable   

    Not applicable   

    3 days after confirming the booking

    Departures 5 or less days away.

    Not applicable   

    Not applicable   

    1 day after confirming the booking



    • If the Pre-payment TL and Full payment TL overlap, the first deadline must be honored (the most restrictive deadline applies)
    • The Santiago (SCL) - Easter Island (IPC), route is considered a regional route.

    Travel Agents must check that the TL is entered in the correct format, otherwise, the reservation will be automatically canceled by LATAM.


    (*)  Exceptions applicable to Asia, Brazil Europe, the Middle East and South Africa


    • Time Limit assignment policy for Asia
    • Time Limit assignment for Brazil
    • Time Limit assignment policy for Europe, the Middle East and South Africa
    • For non BSP agencies the deposit or prepayment must be done directly at LATAM and for BSP agencies that issue in their system the payment will be generated thru EMD-S.
    • The EMD-S only applies in the authorized markets: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Europe, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay in the rest of the markets the prepayment applies directly at the local LATAM ticket office.
    • For the markets in which the prepayment applies through EMD-S. Travel Agencies should consider the following when quoting a group:
      • The LATAM Sales Support Executive will inform the amount of the pre-payment to the Travel Agency with the following details: PNR code, name of the group and number of passengers.
      • The Travel Agency will issue an EMD-S through its Distribution System. In order to do this, the Travel Agency must create a fictitious reservation to issue the EMD-S for group prepayment concept.
      • An individual reservation must be created (1 space) containing one flight segment (the first LATAM flight of the group in "Y" class). The name field must indicate EMD/Name of the group.


    EMD-S must be issued in the reservation taking the following criteria into account:

    Código (Reason for issuance code): D

    Definition: Groups prepayments

    Sub - código (Reason for issuance subcode): 997

    Remark (Comentarios): Group name, number of passengers (TCxx) y reservation code.

    • The EMD-S must be created in OPEN Status and in the Endorsements/Restrictions box must be stated NON REF.
    • The Travel Agent will be responsible for cancelling the fake reservation within 2 hours from the issuance of the EMD-S and sending the image to the LATAM Agent in charge of the group (Inside Sales/Group Desk). It is mandatory to indicate the PNR code, group name and number of passengers in the subject of the e-mail. Example: RT YXBJAQ, GRP BHP VERANO, TC25.

    Example: OAKFUA




    T-27JUN-EGR5FE7TE 0452119052798 EMD/G EGR5FE7 1519/27J

    • The LATAM Sales Support Executive will enter the EMD-S number into PNR groups through a SRR. Example: SSR OTHS PREPAYMENT GRP TC EMD-S 045-XXXXXXXXXX/ USD xxx/ date.
    • The LATAM Sales Support Executive will verify the correct issuance (EMD-S costs, code and subcode). When there are issuances errors, the cancellation of the EMD-S must be requested within the same calendar day.Having the confirmation, The LATAM Sales Support Agent (inside Sales/Group Desk) will enter SSR OTHS in the reservation to modify the TL from the issuance. Example: SSR OTHS YY - PREPAYMENT GRP TCxx EMD-S 045-XXXXXXXXXX/ USD xxx/ date.
    • After 48 hours from issuing the last passenger of the group, the Travel Agency will be authorized to process the INDIRECT REFUND of the EMD-S according to the current penalization policy of prepayments.
    • EMD-S refund requests entered before issuing the complete group will be rejected.
    • EMD-S issuances regarding this concept are not commissionable.
    • The EMD-S does not apply to the payment of taxes.

    Each space booked and un-ticketed will be penalized according to the prepaid amount established for the route per passenger. If the group is not ticketed this prepayment is not-refundable and is also not-reusable for another group.




    In Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay, the refund of 100% prepayment or full payment will be allowed without penalty (and without waiver) if these are made within the following periods:


    Long Haul Routes: if the cancellation is requested 90 days or more prior to flight departure.

    Regional/Domestic Routes: if the cancellation is requested 60 days or more prior to flight departure.

    United States:

    Refunds of pre-payment or full payment have no penalties independent of the route provided the following:

    If the cancellation is requested 90 days or more prior to flight departure the full amount is refunded (100%).

    If the cancellation is requested 60 days or more prior to flight departure the passenger will be refunded 50% of the pre-payment.


    The refund is permitted with no penalties returning 100% of the pre-payment or full payment if made within the following limits:

    Long Haul Routes: if the cancellation is requested 60 days or more prior to flight departure.

    Regional/Domestic Routes: if the cancellation is requested 45 days or more prior to flight departure.Groups can still reduce the number of party members by 10% without incurring any penalties applicable to the pre-payment.

    In Uruguay, Europe, Brazil, Asia and Oceania, each space reserved and not issued will be penalized by the amount of prepayment per passenger established for the route. If the group is not issued, the prepayment is neither reimbursable nor reusable for another group. To apply the penalty of this amount, the following should be considered:

    a) If 10% of the spaces in the group are cancelled (un-ticketed), no penalty will be applied.

    • Non BSP Agencies: LATAM uses the total amount of prepayment for group ticketing.
    • BSP Agencies: The total amount of prepayment will be reimbursed through Indirect Reimbursement. This will be done within 48 hours after the group is ticketed.

    b) If more than 10% of spaces are unnamed, each space non ticketed will be penalized according to the prepaid amount per passenger.

    • Non BSP Agencies: from the previous group deposit, LATAM will discount the prepayment per passenger and the remaining balance will be used for group ticketing.
    • BSP agencies: the refund of a prepayment will be done through Indirect Reimbursement only for the spaces ticketed. This will be done within 48 hours after the group is ticketed.

    c) Groups with total payments (100%) upon ticketing TL (03 working days prior to departure), that fail to issue all the spaces of the group booked (in any %) must be penalized for the FARE applicable per space cancelled, in other words, fares paid for these spaces are not reimbursable or reusable for group payments. Any differences for variation of Q will imply the charge for the difference at the moment of ticketing.

    Any request to extend the ticketing time limit involves 100% payment of the group. In such cases, the TL will be moved forward up to 72 business hours to flight departure (for routes from/to/via USA 96 business hours.) and at that point any space un-ticketed will be penalized for the applicable fare (Q included) quoted.

    The management and control of the TL are LATAM`s responsibility. However, for interline itineraries; the operator involved could trigger notices before the TL stated by LATAM requesting ticket issue.

    In Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South Africa for those cases that group deposit procedures do not apply, each space canceled will be subject to a penalty (ADM) that will depend on how early the reservation has been made, the limit ticketing time and the route reserved.

    For those countries where group pre-payment procedures exists, the amount of such deposit will also depend on how early the reservation has been made, according to the Time Limit tables and penalty amounts detailed on this chapter.

    Each international office will process the contracts or "letters of agreement" based on what the legal area of each country has established in order to provide assurance that agencies agree to the group conditions and the penalties associated in case the conditions negotiated for each group are not complied with.

    Travel Agencies must consider the following when quoting a group:

    • The LATAM Groups Agent will provide the requesting agency with the fare negotiated without Q, travel dates, limit ticketing times, deposits (if applicable) and all related conditions (group downsizing, cancellations, etc.), whether by means of a contract or letters of agreement sent via e-mail.
    • Reception of signed contracts or letters of agreement will signify the agency requesting the group accepts the conditions negotiated and all fees that may arise from its withdrawal from or partial fulfillment of the agreement.

    In those markets where consolidators are authorized to ticket groups (for non-BSP agencies), group deposits must be made through the local LATAM Agency support office or GSA. They will collect the amount via MSR in accordance with the procedures established by the international office.

    The LATAM Sales Support Executive responsible for the group will transfer the reservation to the Sabre or Amadeus agency authorized to realize the Claim of the PNR, as soon as the business has been closed and is ready to issue (passengers' approved quantity, fare, route, date and class).

    For non-authorized agencies or with other GDS, LATAM administrates the reservation and the agency should work with passive.For all group reservations the mandatory elements that are necessary upon the ticketing time limit are: DOCS (passport), FOID (form of identification) and a PCTC per group (passenger contact). The travel agents are responsible to provide these data to the Sales Support Agents before ticketing.

    In all cases, the information must be entered in the PNR in a maximum of 5 elements per transaction and the PNR has to be close each time an element is included.

    Ticketing of Tour conductors associated to domestic routes imply a split on the reservation of this passenger in order that LATAM processes the ticket.

    Upon time limit expiration day, the cancellation of bookings will occur if the information required hasn't been entered.

    Non BSP Travel Agencies must issue at LATAM ticket offices. Group ticketing might involve a collectable service fee according to the conditions established for each market.

    BSP Travel Agencies issue in their own ticket stock, submitted to the established procedure according to its distribution system.The discount percentage or over will only apply to the fare without surcharges. In case of fare changes LATAM will honor the net fare negotiated without Q.

    The surcharge will be included at the time of ticketing and it will be the current one on the ticketing date. Previous contracts negotiated under different conditions will be ruled by the terms of those contracts.

    The LATAM Sales Support Executive will inform the Travel Agent the gross fare, net and over commission negotiated (without Q), and in addition he/she will enter a SSR OTHS in the reservation with the warning to include the surcharges at ticketing: ADD CURRENT Q PER SECTOR AT DATE OF TICKETING.

    To issue, the Travel Agent will use the current Q and Fare Basis for the trip quoted. As usual, the pricing will be manual, but considering the following:

    a) For markets handling group ticketing with net amounts of public fares: the FARE should display the sum of negotiated fare without Q plus the applicable surcharges at the ticketing date. Not applicable for groups en route 100% domestic Chile. Example:  SSR GRPF LA TB407/TN350/COMAG1PC/OVER13PC/0FREEC AUTO.

    Gross Fare without Q

    USD 407



    Over or Discount

    13 %

    Net Fare without Q

    USD 350


    At ticketing both the standard commissionable rate and current surcharges (Q 142) are added to the net fare without Q. For example:

    NET FARE without commissionable Q: USD 350/0.99 = USD 354

    FARE for ticketing: USD 354 + Q 142 = USD 496 (total commissionable net fare)

    The Agency will commission over USD496

    The commissionable net fare corresponds to the net commissionable fare and the current Q of the fare regulation.

    The fare basis should state display the % applicable to the fare without Q stating GGXX.

    In the Endorsement/restriction box of the ticket should include the GRP/SQ element and the business number in the tour code box. Example: GRP/SQ/CHG FEE APPLIES

    b) For markets handling group ticketing with gross amounts  of public fares:


    Gross Fare without Q

    USD 407



    Over or Discount

    13 %

    Net Fare without Q

    USD 350

    Fare without Q will be negotiated and the over amount will be adjusted at ticketing date.

    The over amount will not be transferred to the Q, on the contrary, at the time of ticketing is recalculated for the complete FARE.

    Ticketing is done for the public fare plus current surcharges to get the FARE.

    For example:GROSS FARE with/Q: USD 407 + Q 142 = USD 549

    OVER: USD 407 - 13% = USD 53

    The Sales Support Executive will inform the Travel Agent the percentage of over commission recalculated over the FARE (OVER: USD 53/ USD 549= 10%).

    The Endorsement/Restriction box of the ticket should include the GRP element before the notes with the fare restrictions and in the Tour Code box the contract number. Example: GRP/CHG FEE APPLIES.

    It is mandatory to include the Tour Code at the time of ticketing and the wording above in the Endorsements/Restrictions box of the ticket, otherwise, the ticketing will be subject to Debit Memo for Fare Irregularities concept.

    When ticketing, the agency must always include the Tour Code generated by LATAM without entering any additional elements.

    Group reductions (SPLITS) or last minute name changes must be done in compliance with the group policy established. If the request fulfills the provisions negotiated, the LATAM agent should enter an SR OTHS authorizing the request. For example:



    Any request for change in the segments of flights or names for specific passengers, should be evaluated, if accepted, Travel Agents must work from a new PNR. For this, the Travel Agent must "Split" those passengers and the resulting record must be canceled while waiting for the replacement PNR (subject to a new "claim").

    Up to 7 additional passengers may be requested, who will be created in a new PNR referencing the original group. They will be evaluated under the same conditions as the original group and confirmation will be given in case they can be accepted on the flight with the same criteria and group characteristics applicable to flights. The TLs to be applied are those of the original group.

    Travel Agents must send an e-mail to the groups department indicating the parent group and stating that this is a case of ADDPAX.

    This generates a new PNR. The Groups Agent in charge of the group will enter an OSI message with the PNR code in the parent reservation.

    Changes before ticketing should be supported by an SR OTHS; otherwise, the flight sectors will be cancelled (NO, HX status).

    After commencement of travel, changes of flight/date and ticket refunds will only be allowed through LATAM and only if the fare regulation permits so.

    Changes to a new ticket in group reservations:

    Up to 30% change to a new ticket is allowed for tickets with 100% domestic flights within Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

    The change must be processed as historic reissue, without fare differences or penalty fees (regardless of the ticket regulation), according to the established flow, with backup waiver through the Group Desk.

    The reissue must maintain the flights and dates originally negotiated for the group (not valid for changes of date, flight or class).

    The change will be permitted up to 03 hours before flight departure, in case of reissues made during business hours in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

    If the change is made at the check-in window, the new passenger must be checked so as not to generate an impact at the Airport.

    If the original passenger has already checked baggage, the change will not be possible.

    No group seats may be assigned on marketing or interline group flights (including oneworld segments).

    The seat assignment is available to the group leader or its members through and the Agencies Portal.

    Depending on the distribution system of the agency, once the claim is done in the reservation, the agency will be able to assign seats.

    Available through and LATAM Trade in the LATAM Services section.Two types of Check-in are allowed:

    • Full Group check-in.
    • Individual group passenger check-in.

    The check in is available in the "LATAM Services" section. You must enter the option "Check-in" and then enter reservation code and last name.

    Does not apply to routes to and from the United States.

    The Travel Agent must indicate the name and identification of the person in charge of the group (any document of identification or the password provided by the group lead) so that the LATAM Sales Support Executive can enter it in the reservation, since this is a requirement to check in through the page.

    The following considerations should be taken into account by the agencies on LATAM´s group reservations:

    • Request the LATAM record to do the CLAIM for the authorized agencies. The non-authorized agencies or with other distributions systems different than Amadeus or Sabre should send the information, with the names, Foids, DOCS, etc. to complete the reservation.
    • Agencies working on reservations with CLAIM must enter the information in the PNR in a maximum of 5 elements per transaction, and the PNR has to be close each time an element is included.
    • Enter the totality of names, FOID, DOCS, ticket numbers and seats.
    • Enter the business number given by LATAM in the Tour Code box.
    • Channel through LATAM any modifications to the reservation.
    • Before issuing must confirm with the LATAM agent that the negotiated conditions have not suffered changes, in case of fare variations.
    • Advice schedule change to their passengers.

    Claims may be entered by any agency with GDS Sabre and Amadeus. They only need to have the reservation record to enter the claim, provided the following conditions are always met:

    • The reservation has not been issued.
    • The PNR must have TL element.
    • All segments must be confirmed.
    • The PNR must not have a previous claimIt must not have OPEN segments.
    • Applies only to groups with 100% online routings (does not apply for codeshare flights).
    • The delivery of the record locator should be provided before 72 hours of the expiration of the TL, as long as it is confirmed that the business is closed. That implies defined the amount of passengers, fare, date and routing.
    • The number of names must coincide with the number of reserved spaces, that is, all the names of the passengers entered in the reservation must be entered before making the claim.
    • There are no NO air segments involved.
    • After the CLAIM of the reservation, the agency is responsible for entering, DOCS, FOID and seats (when the fare allows) in the reservation.
    • Modifications to the itinerary (date, flight or reservation class) are not allowed from the travel agency once the CLAIM is made, it can only enter information.
    • TL extensions will not be processed once the CLAIM is done.
    • Once the transfer (CLAIM) has been made to the agencies:
      • Any request for change in the itinerary or negotiated conditions will be evaluated by LATAM and should result in a new record. You should not work on the original PNR.
      • Any modification in the passenger/segment reservation will be evaluated through LATAM, who will determine whether or not said change is applicable. If applicable, the agency must separate (split) the passengers affected by the change from their system and this modification will result in a new PNR saber. Once this is done, the LATAM executive must create a new replacement record, which will be subject to CLAIM.