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    Our support is available 24/7 in English and Spanish. 

    Below frequently asked support questions.


    I want my agency to connect to NDC by LATAM,  who should I contact?

    To connect to NDC, the agency needs to be accredited by LATAM and must fill out the form. After filling it out, you should wait for the response that will be sent via email. 

    For more information, please check the page CONNECT.


    How can I log into NDC portal?

    You can log in with your email and password, and then a 2nd validation (2FA) will be required, where it will be necessary to enter a verification code that will be sent via SMS to your phone.


    How do I receive the NDC Portal Verification Code?

    You will receive the verification code through an SMS or per email.


    I need to report an access error (Login/2FA) ,who should I contact?

    An email with a screenshot error must be sent to


    How many users can I create? 

    There is not a limit to create users. General administrator and supervisor profiles can create other users, as many as needed.

    What ancillaries are available for purchase through NDC?

    These ancillaries are currently available: Seats, Baggage and Priority Boarding


    Once I have purchased an ancillary on NDC, will an EMD be generated?

    An EMD number  is generated, but it won´t be shown on NDC. On NDC you can check  the detail of the ancillary you have bought.


    Is it possible to reissue an ancillary on NDC?

    At the moment it is not possible to reissue an ancillary, in case you need it you should contact our NDC support team.


    I have bought ancillaries on NDC and I need to reissue the order on the portal. What happens with the ancillaries I have purchased?

    When the ticket is reissued on NDC, the ancillaries are automatically refunded to the original form of payment. Once you have completed the reissue, you can buy or add ancillaries again.


    I have an Order with associated ancillaries and that order had a Schedule Change (flight change), when I do an involuntary reissue, will the ancillaries be revalidated?

    If you complete the reissue through NDC,  the ancillaries will be refunded to the original form of payment  and you will need to purchase new ancillaries.

    You also have the option to contact our NDC Support team. They can reissue your order and reissue/revalidate the ancillaries. 


    Can I purchase ancillaries when I have an issued ticket?

    Yes, you can purchase ancillaries after the ticket issuance. At the moment the ancillaries available are seats and baggage. 


    Can the passenger purchase a ancillary (seat or baggage, for example) for an NDC Order through the website?

    Currently, it is not possible to complete the purchase through the website. However, assistance will be provided through WhatsApp on the same page, where a team will assist and finalize the request. Alternatively, the passenger can also contact our Sales and Service Center.

    What kind of itineraries will I be able to issue on NDC?

    You will be able to issue OW (One way) and RT (Round trip) itineraries  when maintaining the same Origin and Destination


    Is it possible to insert the frequent flyer number after an issuance on NDC?

    If you want to add the frequent flyer number you have to contact our NDC support team.


    After the issuance of an Order, will a purchase receipt be sent?

    After issuing an Order, to access the purchase receipt, you need to go to the "Orders" option, locate the issued Order in the list, click on "Actions", and then select "Download Purchase Receipt".


    Is it possible to sell offline and codeshare flights on NDC?

    Yes, these flight options are available on the portal, and will be shown on the flight options list.


    Can I issue orders with private fares?

    Yes, there is a field to enter the Account Code, this field is on the home page and must be completed right after filling in the Origin/Destination and flight Dates. Please note that private fares will be displayed based on flight availability.


    Is it possible to delete/add taxes or fees in the NDC?

    On NDC, there is no possibility of including or excluding taxes or fees, no manipulation can be done.


    I need to issue an INF/CHD after having issued an Order on NDC? Is it possible to do it afterwards through the portal?

    Once you have an ADT order issued and you want to add an INF or CHD, you should contact our NDC support team.


    Can I issue an UMNR on NDC?

    No, at the moment that option is not possible. You should contact our NDC support team in order to issue an UMNR.


    After issuing an Order that has offline/codeshare flights, is it possible to identify the RLOC of the other airline on NDC?

    If you need this information, you should contact our NDC Support team. 


    What forms of payment are accepted on NDC?

    It will depend on the country your are logged in, to check the forms of payment available please click here and access the tab "Forms of payment"


    I need to resend the purchase receipt.  Is it possible to send it through NDC?

    The receipt is sent once you pay the Order, if you want to resend it, you have to contact our NDC Support team.


    Can I use multiple forms of payment on NDC? Example (Cash+credit card)

    Multiple payment methods are not allowed at the moment.


    If I have an order with two passengers, can I issue one with FOP cash and the other one with CC?

    No, you have to issue both with the same form of payment, cash or CC.


    Do all the ticket issued appear on BSP or ARC?

    Yes, all the tickets issued on NDC will appear on BSP or ARC. Please notice that the information is not reflected automatically, it can take up to 48 hours to appear on BSP/ARC.


    Where can I see the flight coupon status?

    You can see the cupon status in the option called "Orders", you have to click in the left side of the order and there you will see the cupon status.

    How can I get an exception for an order issued on NDC?

    All the exception requests should be requested as usual, through our private portal on LATAM Trade.


    I have requested an exception for medical reasons regarding an order issued on NDC. I have the approval and the folio/waiver number. The order needs to be reissued. How can I proceed?

    You won´t be able to reissue manually on NDC portal, for this kind of queries you should contact our NDC support team and provide them the folio/waiver number.

    Can I quote or request groups on NDC?

    Group requests continue business as usual through NDC does not have an option for groups.

    I have doubts about the functionalities provided by NDC. Who should I contact?

    There is a dedicated module on LATAM TRADE called  NDC by LATAM where you can find our tutorials, frequently asked questions and useful links. If you still have questions, please contact our NDC support team.


    Some functionalities are still not available on NDC, like for example: rerouting, splits, special service requests, etc.  How can I request them?

    If you need to reroute an order (voluntary or involuntary), split it, request SSR, reissue due to change name or correct name, you have to contact our NDC support team through our service channels.


    Will a special service (PETC/AVIH) requested through phone/email/chat (once confirmed) be shown on NDC portal?

    Yes, by clicking "details" on the order, you will be able to see the SSR (PETC/AVIH). 


    Is it possible to add OSI elements or remarks on NDC?

    At the moment it is not possible to add remarks or OSI elements on NDC orders. If you need to add some please contact our NDC support team.


    Will NDC portal have Queues (schedule changes)?

    NDC has no queues available, all schedule changes of orders issued on NDC will be notified through email.


    Will LATAM be hosting webinars regarding NDC?

    Yes, LATAM will be hosting webinars.


    I need to add contact details in the order, can I do it on NDC?

    It is not possible to add more contact details once the order has been issued. You have to contact our NDC support team for that purpose.


    Is it possible to retrieve an Order on GDS?

    No, you won´t be able to retrieve an NDC order on your GDS.


    How should I request a refund in the following scenarios? 

    A-  Voluntary:

    Request it through the option Manage your trips -> Refunds  or through the option Orders  -> Actions-> Refund

    B- Voluntary partially used:

    Request it through the option Manage your trips -> Refunds  or through the option Orders  -> Actions-> Refund

    C- NDC errors:

    Please contact NDC support team

    D- Involuntary due to a Schedule Change:

    Request it through the option Manage your trips -> Refunds  or through the option Orders  -> Actions-> Refund

    E- Involuntary due to an exception  (natural disasters, demonstrations, etc):

    Please contact NDC support team

    F- Refund due to illness or death:

    Please contact NDC support team

    G-Tickets exchange:

    You cannot request a refund of an exchanged ticket.

    H- Refund with a waiver:

    The refund must be requested through BSP Link / ARC, indicating the waiver number provided by LATAM.

    I-Legal Exceptions:

    They must be requested through BSP Link or ARC, in accordance with the legal exceptions of each ticket-issuing country. For more details, click here.


    If I make a ticket issuance with cash payment and then a reissue with a different form of payment, such as credit card (or vice versa), can I request the refund directly through the NDC Portal?

    Currently, the NDC Portal does not provide detailed breakdowns of refundable amounts. Therefore, to identify the value for each form of payment, the request should be submitted through BSP Link/ARC. Not applicable for the Brazilian market.

    What kind of reissues can I process through NDC?

    You can only reissue (voluntary/involuntary) if the date / time has changed maintaining origin and destination. 


    Is it possible to modify the fare or tax values?

    It is not possible to modify or manipulate the booking/order on NDC. If you need to reissue with no penalty (waiver has been approved) you should contact our NDC support team.


    How should I proceed if i want to reissue orders due to a name change, a name correction or rerouting?

    You should contact our NDC support team through our service channels.


    I have an open ticket , can I reissue it through NDC?

    If you need to reissue that ticket you should contact our NDC support team.


    Is it possible to store the calculation and reissue the ticket later?

    No, at the moment it is not possible to store a calculation and reissue the ticket later.


    I have issued an order with an account code, can I use it also for a reissue?

    The account code used on the issuance of the order will apply automatically for the reissue.


    Can I use a different credit card to make the reissue or do I have to use the same credit card I have used for the issuance?

    You can use another credit card to reissue the ticket.


    In a booking/order with multiple passengers, is it possible to reissue/rebook for just one of the passengers in the booking?

    Currently, it is not possible to reissue/rebook for only one passenger in the booking. For such requests, you will need to contact NDC support to initiate the process.

    Do we have an Order list in NDC?

    If you click on "orders" you can see all the orders issued. Soon we will provide more filters to make the search easier.

    To check an Order that is not yet issued and is only reserved, you should consult the option: Manager your trips - Bookings

    After creating a reservation or issuing an Order, it may take a few minutes for the portal to update the information and allow you to consult and view the Order details.


    Is it possible to extract a sales report?

    Yes, click on Manage your trips, there you have the option "download" where you can check all your issued orders.

    I have made a booking and an order number has been created. What´s that? Will a record locator or PNR also be created?

    An order number is made up of 13 characters (numbers and letters) and is your NDC reference. It has also a PNR or record locator associated, and once you issue the order a ticket number will also be generated.


    Can I create and order on NDC portal and then issue it?

    Yes, that option is available on NDC portal.


    How long does it take for an order to reflect the Ticketing Time Limit?

    The ticketing time limit will be reflected on NDC within aproximately 15 minutes once the order has been created.


    Which is the ticketing time limit of a reservation? How can I identify it?

    Once you have created an order, wait aproximately 15 minutes and access the option  ""Manage your trips"" -> Bookings -> Search the order- > check ""Payment deadline"" , where the ticketing time limit will be shown.


    Can the agent see orders generated by other agency users?

    Yes, it´s possible to visualize orders issued by other agents, but you won´t be able to take action on them as you are not the order administrator (issuing agent).


    Is it possible to check the history of an order issued on NDC?

    At the moment it is not possible to check the history of an order. If you need that information please contact our NDC support team.


    I cannot find an order number. Can I search it on NDC by surname, flight date or frequent flyer number?

    You will need the order number and the passenger´s surname to search it. If you don´t have that information please contact our NDC support team.


    Where can I check the status of an order?

    You can check it on the portal under order management. There you will find the status of each one: issued, reserved, voided, refunded etc. If you want to check the status of a coupon you should contact our NDC support team. 


    Can I modify an order not issued? For example: add flights, change dates, etc.

    An order not issued cannot be modified. If you need new flights or dates you should cancel that order and create a new one.


    Where can I add my account code?

    If you have an account code, you have to add it when you are choosing the origin and destination.


    If I have two passengers booked on the same reservation, Can I choose different brands for each passenger?

    It is not possible, in this case you have to create different bookings for each passenger.

    Is any purchase receipt  automatically sent after issuing or reissuing an Order?

    After issuing or reissuing an Order, to download the purchase receipt, we recommend waiting approximately 15 minutes for all necessary information to be loaded into the proof.

    To download the receipt, you should access the "Purchases" option, locate the Order in the list, click on "Actions," and then select "Download Purchase Receipt "

    Is it possible to VOID a ticket on NDC?

    Yes, that option is available on NDC. You can check our tutorial on LATAM TRADE. IF you stil have questions please contact our NDC support team


    Can a  ticket issued on NDC be voided on the day it was issued, till 23:59 local time zone?

    Yes, that rule has not been modified and applies as usual. Remember that you can VOID until 2 hours before flight departure.


    Can I void a reissued ticket?

    At the moment this option is not possible. If you want to void a ticket with exchange status, you should contact our NDC support team.


    What should I verify before i void an order?

    You should first verify the IATA where the order was issued (in cases where you have access to multiple IATAs), and if your user profile has permissions, you will be able to perform the VOID of any order issued by your agency.


    What happens with the order when I void it?

    The order is cancelled once the VOID is processed.


    Can I void a ticket in check in status?

    You have to uncheck the ticket through latam trade and then you can void it.


     If I void a ticket, will the charge be automatically cancelled?

    It is correct, when you VOID a ticket the charge returns to the original form of payment.

    Which are the type of users available on NDC?

    On NDC we have 6 different type of profiles:

    • General Administrator: creates and administrates users
    • Supervisor:  Creates and administrates users, creates bookings, issues orders,administrates post sales.
    • Reservation agent: Creates bookings and visualize orders, no issuance allowed
    • Issuing agent: creates bookings, issues orders and administrates post sales.
    • Finance agent:  visualize and administrates post sales
    • Robotic - Apigee: Only through the API


    Can the profile Administrator create other users with profile Administrator too?

    Yes, once the first Administrator user is created, he can create other users with that profile.


    If a need a password reset, what should I do?

    You can click on "I forgot my password" in order to get a new one. You will recieve a new temporary password that needs to be changed once you enter on the portal.


    Can the profile Supervisor/Administrator modify other users´ information?

    Yes, those two profiles can modify information (for example modify the profile of an agent) and also delete users.


    I need to change a user profile, should I contact NDC Support?

    No, Administrators and Supervisors can modify profiles


    Which profile is able to visualize all the users created by an agency?

    Administrators and Supervisors have access to all users created by the agency.


    I have not recieved the email with the access to the Portal, what should I do?

    Check if your spam folder and search for an email, if you don´t find it, please click on "I forgot my password". In case this does not work please contact our NDC support team.


    When I log in  with my user and password, I get a message informing that the data provided does not match. What should I do?

    Please give you user and password manually (do not copy paste). Check also if there is no space on the password and user information, in case there is one the portal won´t recognize you.


    If the user does not recieve the verification code by phone (2FA), what should we do?

    1. Check if you gave a mobile phone, as the verification code is sent via SMS.
    2. Verify if the mobile phone number is correct.

    If after those verifications you still don´t recieve the SMS, the Administrator or Supervisor can exclude the phone number, leaving only the email information. That way you will get the code via email.

    If you still have problems, please contact our NDC support team.


    I gave incorrect information and my account has been blocked. What should I do?

    You should wait approximately 15 minutes, then you will recieve an email to unblock the user. After that, please request the password reset.


    How can I check the validity of a fare I have not issued the order yet?

    Once the order is created, you can check the ticketing time limit under the field Payment time limit.


    What happens with the order if I do not issue it?

    The order will expire automatically if it has not been issued before the ticketing time limit.


    If I book an order and it stores a price should I update it later?

    No, one of the benefits of NDC is that the price stored in the beginning remains the same, there is no need to reprice it again. You should only issue the ticket before the ticketing time limit. That´s all!


    Can I access to the same fares I have loaded in GDS?

    Yes, the same fares you have loaded  in GDS are also available on NDC.  Remember that you need to enter the account code in order to get your negotiated fares displayed.


    Does the ticketing time limit of negotiated fares remain the same?

    Yes, the same conditions of your negotiated fares are available on NDC.


    How can I quote a negotiated fare on NDC?

    On NDC the booking classes are not shown, the portal will show you our  Brands.If you enter your Account Code and there is availabilty on the class required for that negotiated fare, the discounted price will be automatically displayed. Please remember that giving the acount code does not mean that the negotiated fare is always available.


    Where can I see the fare conditions before issuing the ticket?

    Every time you select a flight, on the left side you will see an option "check the conditions".When you click there you can see the regulations of each selected flight.


    Is an upgrade of cabin possible?

    Yes, if you need to do a voluntary change, you have the option to change the cabin (Premium Economy or Premium Business), depending on the type of flight.


    Where can I see the fare rules if I have issued an order?

    Once you have issued the ticket,  you can see the fare rules when choosing the option "details".


    Who can I contact for help with NDC by LATAM? 

    NDC by LATAM Care team is here to help you! For any technical, operational or commercial inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us:

    • For commercial inquiries, please contact:
    • For technical inquiries, please contact:
    • For operational inquiries
      • Brazil: 
      • South America: 
      • North America, Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania:  

    Our current channels such as phone, email and chat will continue to be available with a dedicated NDC option.


    What services are offered by the NDC by LATAM Support team?

    Our support team is prepared to clarify any questions you may have regarding the use of our NDC Portal as well as to support you with any functions or processes that are not available via NDC by LATAM.


    Will we be provided support material for the NDC Portal?

    Yes, we have an exclusive page dedicated to NDC by LATAM on our LATAM TRADE portal where you can find important information. At this time there are video tutorials available for your viewing, and we will add additional content soon.


    Will there be any service charges when I contact NDC by LATAM support?

    No, our NDC by LATAM support is free of charge.


    I don't have access to NDC by LATAM, but my agency would like to connect.  Can the NDC by LATAM support team help me with this connection?

    Yes, please write to us at in order to assist you with establishing a connection.


    I have questions about the functionality available with NDC by LATAM. Can the Support team help me?

    Yes, our team can guide you through the functionalities of the tool and advise you on how to access LATAM TRADE, where you can find the most complete information about NDC by LATAM, and much more.


    In what languages does the NDC by LATAM team offer support?

    Support is available 24/7 in English and Spanish. Support in Portuguese (for Brazil) is available Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 8:00pm, and Saturdays from 8:00am to 2:00pm.


    How can I report an error on NDC portal?

    The Track ID can be displayed in two ways: located at the top of the portal screen or in the center of the screen, as shown in the images below: