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CODESHARE - Change in Interjet (4O) fare class structure

This is to inform that due to an alignment in the fare structure of Interjet (4O), effective 29 January 2019 the reservation classes of codeshare flights operated by Interjet (4O) will be modified. This change only affects the operating flight, not the flight marketed by LATAM, which retains its original reservation class. LATAM PNRs do not change.

However, in some cases, this change may affect those reservations that are only identified when taking action in the PNR (for example, by entering the contact number, SSR, etc.), thus causing the original codeshare flight to fall into NO status. In this case, the agent must:

a) If the passenger keeps the itinerary unchanged:

  •  Create a new PNR keeping the original flights.
  • The new reservation must be made in the original booking class. If the class is not available, it can be booked in the lowest class available in the same cabin (applies for all PNR flights). To avoid duplication, the original reservation must be canceled.
  • Reissue the original ticket as involuntary, maintaining the original fare construction.
  • Add the following mandatory note in the ticket Endorsement: INVOL RBD 4O

b) If the passenger requires change in the original flights:

Voluntary changes will be accepted as long as the fare regulation allows so, charging any applicable penalties and/or fare differences. In all cases, changes must be made in a new reservation. If the original flights operated by LATAM are maintained but the original classes are not available, these should be requested to LATAM. For other airlines, the class will apply according to the existing availability.

c) In the case of unticketed reservations, they must be issued in a new reservation, subject to fare availability.