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EXCEPTIONS - New visa requirements for Venezuelans traveling to Chile

Effective IMMEDIATELY, the Government of Chile has issued a visa requirement for all Venezuelan citizens traveling to Chile as tourists..



The Chilean Government has mandated that Venezuelan passengers traveling to Chile on any flight are required to have a visa to be admitted into the country.

These passengers will be eligible for commercial exceptions (see considerations).


Applies to Venezuelan passengers arriving in Chile between 24 June until 01 August on any LATAM flight.

Implementation date:



Given that this measure has been adopted without previous notice, passengers affected will be offered one of the following options:


1.    Change of date without penalty but subject to fare differences to reschedule their trip within the ticket’s validity. When reissuing, in the Endorsements/Restrictions box enter: VISAVE

2.     Involuntary Refund without penalty for all unused coupons and associated ancillaries.

To be eligible for this exception, passengers must present a document proving citizenship (national identification card or passport).

The exception will be processed via a waiver with the reason “Exception due to documentation”. The exception extends to the escorts of Venezuelan passengers traveling on the same flights and dates.

Travel agents who need to manage the change should contact their LATAM support areas to request the waiver to authorize the change or return.


The measure does not apply to diplomats or in-transit passengers with the documentation required to their final destination.