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TICKET MODIFICATIONS - Voluntary reissue to a lower cabin


Whenever a voluntary change is made to a lower cabin, the policy is to not charge the fare difference if the new fare has a higher value.


Voluntary reissue of Premium Cabin fares to Economy Cabin fares

Date of Implementation:

April 2, 2024


The policy applies to voluntary changes on 100% LATAM flights, provided the same origin/destination and passenger are maintained.

No fare differences or service fees will be charged in the following cases:


  • Change from Premium Business cabin to Premium Economy
  • cabin
  • Change from Premium Business cabin to Economy cabin
  • Change from Premium Economy cabin to Economy cabin


If the fare has a penalty for changes, it must be charged.

If the reissue includes stopovers, connections or any other change that alters the original origin/destination pair or passenger, all relevant fare differences will be charged.


Travel agencies must request the reissue through Agency Support. Reissuing directly in their system is not permitted.


All other processes related to Voluntary Changes remain unaltered.




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