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New Sales Model


We would like to inform you that effective 20th October 2018 LATAM Airlines will launch a new business model globally across the airline.

The new sales model will essentially only impact domestic and regional itineraries in South America and will not impact long-haul tickets sold in Australia to South America.

Below you will find a reference chart showing the changes to the Fare Families reflecting the new changes.


In this new structure, the classes will go from being staggered by fare families to overlapping various bundles. Besides, it will vary by route in terms of the classes that each bundle will include. An example of a structure follows: 


The bundles and atributes depend on the route. When quoting/buying, it is important to review the fare that each route includes: 

Download the full manual :

For further information contact us at :

Australia Trade: 1800 221 572
Australia Consumer: 1800 126 038
New Zealand Trade: 0800 LATAM1
New Zealand Consumer: 0800 700 647


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