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SPECIAL SERVICES - Requirements for boarding of pets on international flights departing from Chile

We inform you that since February 13th, 2019, regarding the Law on Responsible Pet Ownership that enters into force in Chile, passengers traveling with dogs and cats on international flights must register their pet in the “National Registry of companionship Pets or Animals” and in the “National Registry of potentially dangerous animals of the canine species” (if applicable), in order to obtain the Zoosanitary Export Certificate (CZE).

This certificate is a current requirement for the departure of pets from the country that is obtained through the SAG (Agricultural and Livestock Service) of Chile.

Passengers who have questions or queries in this regard should be recommended to consult the SAG website directly. For more details about documentation requirements for pet departing from Chile see here.

This new requirement will apply to all types of pet boarding services (PETC, AVIH, ESAN, SVAN).