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Irregularity Process AU/NZ 2019

Process periods

At the beginning of each month, LATAM will publish (in PIA) all irregularities an agency has incurred for the previous month. It is the agencies responsibility to access PIA with their unique username and password and monitor such.

PIA can be accessed via:

If you haven't recieved your login details yet, please email PIA team on


The agency has 15 days to appeal from the date of publication. Irregularities that have not been appealedfor or are rejected will be ADM’d.


After ADM is raised via BSP the agency still has 15 days to dispute such but will need to do so via BSP Link.


This is done via PIA and is the last instance the agency has to request a discharge of the collection. At this stage, you have 60 days to enter your disclaimers via PIA.

For further assistance please email the PIA team on

*Conditions and amounts could suffer changes.

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