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ANCILLARIES - Change in Same Day Flight Change price on domestic routes, except for Brazil and Peru

We inform you that as of January 15, 2019, the changes for Advance/Postponement for confirmed flight will have a different price on domestic routes, except for Brazil that will maintain the same price. Review the new values in the following table:


Digital Channels

(Mis Viajes" y App LATAM)

Airports and other channels


$650 ARS

$870 ARS


$20.000 CLP

$27.000 CLP


$50.000 COP

$67.000 COP


$15 USD

$20 USD

Additionally, we remind you that when does not complete the Advance/Postponement change successfully, an informative message is displayed stating that the change could not be made. If the passenger is charged, the amount will be automatically returned to the passenger and you must indicate to try again through the site.

We remind you that in Peru the difference value is already applied since November 29, 2018 and the news can be reviewed here.

This information will be updated in Sales | Ancillary Products from the date of your application.