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Sales | Ancillary Product

    Special baggage pre-sale is available. The new ancillary code is 0K6 and it will be identified in our systems as SPORTING EQUIPMENT UP TO 45KG.

    For more details, check ANCILLARIES - Advance Sale of Special Baggage.

    15 Kg baggage: It is an item of 15 kg as checked baggage. This is available on regional routes  in CL, CO and EC (not including Caribbean).  A new ancillary is available for sale on domestic flights in Brazil and regional routes issued in Brazil.

    Sales can be made up to 6 hours prior to flight departure, provided there is a ticket issued (or issued simultaneously with the ticket).


          It is allowed for all Brands, even for those that include baggage allowance by default.

          Each piece is considered to have a standard weight of 23 kg. If the bag is determined to be overweight at the time of check-in, the passenger will have to pay the excess weight fee at the airport.

          Associated charges

          The prices of bags on international and domestic routes, except Domestic Colombia, will be communicated in the form of differentiated variable ranges according to season (high / low), anticipation of purchase, brand and/or route of the passenger. This implies that on the same flight there may be different prices for passengers who paid for different fares. Consider: a) DOM BR flights issued before September 12, 2019 that the price changes at 3 hours; b) DOM BR flights between September 12 and October 20, 2019, the price of bags changes in the range of 6 hours before flight departure.

          For domestic flights within Colombia, the price of bags changes in the range of 6 hours before flight departure.

          The earlier the purchase, the lower the price.

          Number of pieces transported (more bags, higher the price). Travel Agencies can issue up to 3 bags, if the passenger wishes to purchase the 4th suitcase or more, it can be purchased through

          For the purpose of, prices will be announced in variable ranges. For a list of prices for additional baggage, click here. Then log in to "Flights within Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Colombia or Ecuador" or "Regional and international flights".

          All prices are final, and taxes are applied according to the market concerned.

          The distribution systems deliver the current prices when selecting the Ancillary Element of the required product.

    For baggages of 15 kg should be considered:

          The sale is limited to 1 individual suitcase per passenger for each leg (one way).

          It can be purchased up to 6 hours before departure.

          The sale is not available for:

          Infant passengers.

    Maximum allowed checked baggage quantity per passenger

    Maximum amount of baggage allowed per passenger for LATAM flights, is a limit of 10 checked baggage. Except on flights between Quito and Miami (round trip), where the maximum allowed is up to 3 checked bags in Premium cabins and up to 2 checked bags in Economy cabins, due to operational capacity. Further details in latamairlines > Latam Experience > Baggage >  Checked baggage.


    On LATAM flights, seats may be reserved at the time of purchase or during check-in. Depending on the fare paid or their membership status, customers may reserve their seats in advance.

    Until further notice, we recommend do not sell seats within 72 h flight departure, due to the seat purchased within 72 hours may be in sold status buy fail to be confirmed for the flight. Bookings within 72 hours from departure will only be possible via

    We recommend our Travel Agents to advise customers to buy seats in advance (in conjunction with the air ticket or within 72 hours from the scheduled flight) directly from the Travel Agency.

    We are working to solve this issue and resume the sale of this product through agencies, which will be informed in due time through this same channel.

    The company sells 2 types of seats for sale: LATAM + Seats and Standar Seats



    Available on all international and domestic routes. Except route to/from Papeete (PPT) and to/from Easter Island (IPC).

    The seats previously known as “Preferred Seats” (+Forward, +Space and Exit Row) have changed their name to LATAM+ seats.

    The purchase of a LATAM+ seat includes additional attributes depending on where the seat is located in the cabin. These attributes are:

    • Priority Boarding: Customers with a LATAM+ seat may use the “Priority” boarding lane
    • More Space: Seats located in the first row of the Economy cabin and in exit rows
    • Reserved Overhead Bin Space: Customers with a LATAM+ seat (except exit row seats) have access to reserved overhead space until the bins are full
    • Carry on for Basic Brand: It allows carry on and personal item.

    To make this feature visible, “Reserved for LATAM+ Seats” stickers are being affixed in these compartments


    Narrow body aircraft

    On narrow body aircraft, LATAM+ seats are located in rows 1 through 7 and in exit rows.

    Wide body aircraft

    On wide body aircraft, LATAM+ seat location varies depending on the aircraft configuration, as shown in the following table:






    Full rows

    Partial rows




    12 through 17

    19DFH - 20ACJL



    12 through 16

    17ACJL, 18ACJL, 24DFH, 25ACJL


    B767 [retrofit]


    12 through 16 and 23



    B777 [retrofit]


    12 through 16





    12 through 18

    25DFH, 26BCJK




    12 through 17




    12 through 17





    16 through 22

    35DFG, 36ABCHJK




    15 through 19 and 21

    36ABCHJK, 38DEFG




    LATAM+ seats in business cabin (only in domestic flights)*


    Aircraft type


    Full rows

    Partial rows




    1 a 5




    1 a 3



    B777 [retrofit]


    1 a 10





    1 a 5





    1 a 5





    1 a 5





    1 a 5




    STANDARD SEATS (Seat Selection)

    • All seats in Economy Cabin have an associated value for their use (by default, the Brand in Business allow seat without additional cost in the cabin). The sale applies to all LATAM routes.


    • Seats available for sale are displayed in each system. 
    • If the Brand does not have the seat attribute included by default, the seat may be purchased later.
    • Customers whose fare does not include seat selection and do not buy this option will have their seats assigned randomly at the time of check-in. The assigned seat will appear in the boarding pass and may be separated from other passengers in the same reservation. However, for safety reasons minors will always be seated next to an adult.
    • Check out Terms of use that passengers have to accept at the moment of the purchase of an Emergency Exit Seat at
    • Seats reserved through GDSs that have an associated cost will have a time limit to change from “reserved” status (HD/HN) to “paid” status (HI/HK) according to the following:
      • EMD for seats associated to a ticket already issued (1st issue): TL 6 hours after seat reservation.
      • EMD for seats associated to a reissued ticket (2nd issue onwards): TL 24 hours after seat reservation.
      • EMD for seats that must be re-associated to a reissued ticket:  TL 24 hours after seat reservation.

    Therefore, reservations of tickets in “reserved” status (HD/HN) will be automatically canceled after the TL and a new reservation must be booked according to the current seat availability.

    This time limit (TL) does not apply to seats where the cost is waived (E.g. branded fares, passenger elite status, special services or group reservations).

    Note: Seats reserved by have a 45 minutes Time Limit, hence, if the purchase of the seats is not completed, seat reservation will be canceled.

    In the following cases the Transaction is exempt from payment:

    LATAM+ Seat:

    • TOP (SF) Brand.
    • Passengers on domestic and international routes with Black Signature and Black in LATAM Pass (miles/points); and Emerald status (Except AA).
    • Passengers on domestic routes with Platinum in LATAM Pass (miles/points) and Sapphire status (Except AA).
    • This benefit applies to one (1) companion of Black Signature and Black members.


    Standard Seat:

    • Plus (SE) or TOP (SF) Brand
    • Passengers on domestic and international routes with Black Signature and Black in LATAM Pass (miles/points); and Emerald status (Except AA).
    • Passengers on domestic routes with Platinum in LATAM Pass (miles/points) and Sapphire status (Except AA).
    • This benefit applies to one (1) companion of Black Signature and Black members.
    • Award tickets are not subject to standard seat charges.


    Consider that the systems do not recognize the member's status, so members must contact the direct channel to obtain the Seat Selection or LATAM+ Seat benefit. The Travel Agency must enter the frequent flyer number at the time of making the reservation in order to identify the passenger's Elite category. Gold Plus members have discount benefit on the purchase of seats, check the news published here.

    For cases where the seats are free according to the selected brand, EMD-A must be issued for a zero amount for such seats in the case of Amadeus and Travelport users. Failure to issue the EMD will prevent the passenger from using the seat, even if the reserved seat appears in the reservation. 

    It does not apply to GDS Sabre, therefore, in this case it is not necessary to issue the EMD-A at zero cost, since Sabre leaves the “AE” element (“Ancillary Element”) automatically in HK status.


    Seat sales are NOT permitted in the following cases:

    1. Passengers having booked any of the following special services (SSR):

    - CBBG (Cabin Baggage)

    - EXST (Extra seat)

    - DEPA/DEPU (Deportees)

    - INAD (Inadmissible)

    - MEDA (Medical cases)

    - PETC (Pet in the cabin)

    - PPOC (Medical device, Oxygen Concentrator)

    - UMNR (Unaccompanied Minor)

    2. For security reasons on the following aircraft:


    - A319, A320 and A321 bulkhead seats


    - A350, B767, B777, B787-8 y B787-9 operating domestic routes, LATAM+ seat sale is not available for:

    - Adults traveling with lap children.


    - Adults requiring a seatbelt extension.


    - Minors with an assigned seat who use a Child Restraint Seat (CRS) to be provided by the passenger.


    - Passengers with disabilities who require a Disabled Person Restraint (DPR) device available in the cabin.

    3. On direct flights on routes affected by change of aircraft:

    - Between Ezeiza (EZE) and New York (JFK) on direct flights LA532 and LA533


    - Between Santiago (SCL) and New York (JFK) on flight LA530


    - Between Santiago (SCL) and Orlando (MCO) on direct flights LA2473 and LA2474


    - Between Santiago (SCL) and Papeete (PPT) on direct flights LA0833 and LA0836


    - Between Santiago (SCL) and Tel Aviv (TLV) on direct flights LA712 and LA713

    4. For Codeshare* flights and operating by other airlines


    5. Group/Cupos PNRs



    Consider that, when a Seat is sold by direct sales on a reservation issued through the indirect sales, the reservation includes the following SSR OTHS message: SSR OTHS PSGR WITH PREPAID SEAT MCO RESTRICTIONS APPLY IN CASE OF CHG OR REF. This message will alert the Travel Agent to advise the passenger that the preferred seat is not transferred to the new flight; therefore in case of voluntary date changes, the passenger must request the transfer of the seat to the direct sales channel. 

    *On Codeshare flights where LATAM would be the marketing carrier: seats must be booked every time a customer requests so.

    Only in the case of system limitations for pre-booking a seat in any cabin (e.g. a seat is booked but not confirmed), the agent must instruct the customer to book the seat directly with the operating carrier at the time of checking in for the flight at the airport.

    There are no restrictions for assigning seats in the Business cabin. Therefore, agents can book the seat directly in the system.

    In Economy cabin, seat assignment is subject to the operating carrier’s seat pre-booking policies.

    Important: If an EMD is introduced when booking a seat on a codeshare flight, the reservation process must be stopped and the customer must be informed that the seat will only be assigned at the airport.

    The same-day flight change t allows you to modify the time of your flight for another one within the same calendar day. 

    Unfortunately, not all of our products are available to be marketed in travel agencies. We are working to achieve this in the future. Meanwhile, your customers can access the service through our website, APP and airport sales offices.


    Routes and flights: 

    • Available on all routes operated by LATAM Airlines.
    • Applies only on flights issued and operated by LATAM Airlines.

    Service anticipation:

    • + app: It is possible to anticipate or postpone, from 24 hours to 1 hour and 40 minutes before the flight departure. Applies to national and international flights.
    • Airport Offices: It is possible to anticipate from 24 hours to 1 hour before departure on domestic flights, and up to 1 hour and 40 minutes before departure on international flights. To postpone, up to 1 hour before the departure of the original flight.

    Changes allowed:

    • The change must be for the same pair of points indicated on each flight coupon and for a flight within the same calendar day (keeping original route, origin, destination and connections)
    • The modification is allowed in only one of the connecting points as long as the same airports and dates are maintained as the original configuration.
      • Example: OD: MCZ ⇆ MIA
      • Connection 1: MCZ GRU (Departure at 10:00)
      • Connection 2: GRU MIA (Departure at 18:00)
      • Modification: In order to reduce the connection time, the passenger postpones the MCZ GRU flight to a flight departing at 14:00.
      • Although the change is made on the domestic leg, as it is an international flight, in this example, the amount to be charged considers an international route.
    • It is not allowed to change connecting flights for non stop flights or vice versa. For example: Passengers with a connecting flight can make their change as long as they maintain the connection, it is not possible to change to a non stop flight. 
      • INTER: Original route SCLMIA with connection in LIM, cannot be changed to a SCL MIA non-stop flight.
      • DOM: Original route PUQSCL with connection in PMC, cannot be changed to a PUQ SCL non-stop flight.
    • The airport can be changed, when there is more than one airport in the same city of origin, destination or connection. For examples:
      • The original route LIM-AEP e may be changed to LIM-EZE.
      • The route SSA CWB connecting in CGH may be changed to SSA GRU CWB.
    • Due to  this being a reissuance that will be handled directly by LATAM Airlines, the control of the new ticket will be under LATAM and not under the travel agency.

    Important: Anticipate or postpone to a date different from the original flight date is subject to fare regulation, charging fines and fare differences if applicable.

    Applicable faress:

    • All fares apply, including Basic.
    • Regardless of the new flight chosen, it maintains the conditions of the original fare.

    Cost of the service:

    • The price depends on the type of route and the market.
    • This service has a one-time cost per market. No additional charges will be made for price differences with the new flight. 



    Domestic flights within BR

    Up to 120 BRL

    Domestic flights within CL

    Up to 35.000 CLP

    Domestic flights within CO

    Up to 55.000 COP

    Domestic flights within EC

    Up to 20 USD

    Domestic flights within PE

    Up to 25 USD

    Flights between South American countries

    Up to 60 USD

    Other national or international flights

    Up to 75 USD



    • The change will apply to all passengers included in the reservation.
    • Children and adults passengers will be subject to the same conditions of charges, with the excepción of children under 2 years old who do not pay for this service.
    • Does not apply to Group reservations.

    Not applicable cases:

    Service is not available for passengers:

    • With purchased baggage.
    • With checked luggage on the original flight.
    • With Special Services.
    • With flights from other airlines (OLA).

    At Airport Offices, passengers who purchased seats on the original flight must be warned that if there is no availability on the new flight, other seats will be assigned according to the availability of the flight.

    The reservation of ancillaries implies the issuing of EMD-A simultaneously. The EMD-A must be issued on the same ticket stock of the original ticket and under the following concepts:


    Type of Service

    Reason for issuance code (RFIC)

    Reason for issuance subcode (RFISC). EMD-A stock 035/045/462/469/544/957

    1ST BAG 15KG



    1ST BAG 23KG



    2ND BAG 23KG



    3RD BAG 23KG





    • Interline issuance is not yet activated, which means that an EMD-A can not be issued on codeshare itineraries or on tickets issued on other ticket stock, even if they are LATAM flights
    • The price for each product is available through ATPCO may vary without notice. This is displayed when selecting the desired product (taxes are included). For reference prices check Manual pricing for these services is not permitted.
    • When selling ancillaries, inform the passenger all conditions for changes and refunds.

    These EMDs are NOT commissionable. Except in the following countries that are commissioned due to legal definitions: Colombia, Spain, Italy, Israel, Poland, Portugal and South Africa.

    Issuance of these standard documents will be audited by LATAM. Any irregularity will be subject to an ADM penalty for 100% of the EMD amount. See Administrative Charge associated to ADM.

    In case of cancellations, these must be made by the Travel Agent during the same day of the issue, otherwise, the regulation of the EMD-A will apply.

    On the NDC by LATAM platform, the seat, luggage and priority boarding ancillaries are currently available. To request other ancillaries, we ask that you contact our specialists through our preferred customer service channel: the chat available here on LATAM Trade (in addition to our usual service channels).

    At the moment, it is not possible to reissue an ancillary in NDC, so for this procedure, you should contact our support teams.

    If the order is reissued through the NDC portal (whether voluntarily or involuntarily), the ancillaries will be automatically refunded to the original payment method and it will be possible to purchase/add new ancillaries after completing the reissue.