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Operational Warnings & Contingencies


CONTINGENCY EXTENSION - Adverse weather conditions in Punta Arenas (PUQ)


Due to:

Adverse weather conditions in Punta Arenas (PUQ)

Customers traveling:

From/to/through: Punta Arenas (PUQ)

Original flight date:

Between: August 02 and August 06, 2023

Customers may choose ONE of the following options WITHOUT PENALTY:

Change of date/flight/rerouting:

WITHOUT PENALTY, subject to cabin availability in the original cabin (without fare differences) up to 30 days of the original flight date.

Change of origin/destination

Without penalty, subject to fare differences and ticket validity. Except for changes to a nearby airport (500 km from the original airport) of affected passengers that apply at no cost in the same cabin.

In the Endorsement Box, insert:


OSI in reservation:


Customers who DO NOT wish to change their tickets may request a refund according to:


Without penalty.
Valid for all UNUSED coupons of the ticket and associated ancillaries.

Additional considerations:


Customers with cancelled or rescheduled flights may apply for the options established in the LATAM’s Passenger Protection.

(*) Change subject to cabin availability on LATAM flights implies that the travel agent must make the reservation in the original booking class. If the class is not available, the agent must reserve in the lowest booking class available in the same cabin of the LATAM flight and complete the involuntary ticket reissue. In other words, it is no longer necessary to contact the LATAM Sales Support Agent to request the original booking class.


Changes of date/flight/rerouting apply maintaining the same origin/destination

Change of origin or destination means flying to/from a city different than the one printed on the original flight coupon

Ancillaries associated to the ticket are subject to changes and/or refund depending on the action taken with the ticket.