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NDC by LATAM | Frequently Asked Questions

    What is NDC by LATAM?

    NDC by LATAM is our new distribution tool which uses NDC technology. It’s built under the same architecture as our channel, giving you access to LATAM’s content, to offer your customers a better service.


    What are the benefits of NDC by LATAM?  

    They will be short and long term since our goal is to give you access to LATAM’s content and benefits which, among others, are: 

    • Access to LATAM’s content.
    • Access to richer content efficiently.
    • Access to products and fare information in real time.
    • Customize and adapt your offer.
    • Connect to continuous price.
    • Reduce your ADMs.
    • Access to a broader catalog of ancillary products.
    • Smoother post-sales processes.

    We will continue to develop and improve NDC by LATAM with a prompt speed to market for the delivery of every new feature of this tool, so that you can have the best experience.


    Who is eligible to enroll in NDC by LATAM? 

    NDC by LATAM has been created so that every travel agency or travel company is eligible to participate/enroll in it. That’s why we’ve been developing different channels to suit the needs of every type of agency, available in many countries with multiple languages. Agents who want to access NDC by LATAM, either for booking or servicing, will need to be accredited by LATAM.


    In which languages is NDC by LATAM available?

    NDC by LATAM is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese on the API channels and the NDC by LATAM Portal to make the transition as simple as possible in every country.


    When is the launch of NDC by LATAM expected? 

    NDC by LATAM has been in production since January 2021. Since then, we’ve been working hard to develop our tool and implement new functions to ensure the delivery of a robust and high-standard product. As part of the new distribution model, there will be a Distribution Cost Recovery Fee for GDS bookings starting on May 1st, 2023.

     After that, we will keep working on our tool to add more features and improve it. 

    Which ancillaries and products will be available on NDC by LATAM?  

    The available ancillaries at the moment are:

    a) Baggage: 

    • Carry on
    • 15 kg (only available on NDC and DCP)
    • 23 kg • Special baggage up to 8 pieces

    b) Seats

    c) Priority boarding (only available on NDC Portal and DCP)

    We’ll continue working on adding more innovative ancillary services.


    Will private fares be available on NDC by LATAM? 

    Yes! NDC by LATAM supports private fares. 


    Will there be any additional restrictions in the GDS channels’ content? 

    No content restrictions will be applied on May 1st, 2023. However, soon after May 1st, LATAM will implement additional content differentiation in the GDS channel compared to NDC by LATAM channels. 


    Is the NDC technology available via the GDS channel? 

    LATAM currently only has agreements with GDS to distribute via EDIFACT technology. 


    Is it possible to book groups in NDC by LATAM? 

    Currently, NDC technology does not have a solution for Groups. That’s why we’re constantly looking for IATA updates and industry benchmarks to make our NDC by LATAM tool as complete as possible.

    How do I connect to NDC by LATAM? 

    Since every agency has different needs, we have worked to provide various types of connections so that you can choose the best option for you. To connect, please get in touch with us and we’ll discuss which of the following options is the best for you to access NDC by LATAM:

    • Via NDC Portal: our online website, where you can access NDC content for free. It doesn’t require any development from your side to consume our content.
    • Via NDC API: this is the application program interface that allows you to connect LATAM’s NDC content to your own software.
    • Vía Aggregator: third-party technology supplier. We approve and recommend these suppliers to give you the best service and level of fulfillment of the tool.

    To connect, please get in touch with us, and we’ll analyze the best option for you to access NDC by LATAM. 


    What is the cost of connecting to NDC by LATAM for the agency? 

    Depending on your selected type of connection, you may have development costs. However, there is no need to worry because we want to help you minimize the costs associated with technical developments. Contact your sales executive so we can learn about your agency’s specific needs and development costs and see how we can best support you.


    In which countries is the NDC Portal available as of today? 

    It is available in:

    • Chile
    • Colombia
    • Peru
    • Argentina
    • Ecuador
    • Spain
    • France
    • Italy
    • Germany
    • England
    • Brazil

    Other countries will be available before May 1, 2023, and the list will be updated accordingly. 


    What aggregators does LATAM have currently connected (or in the connection process)? 

    LATAM is currently working with the following aggregators: 



    Geographics (Countries of scope)

    Contact for agency to connect




    Brazil & Latin America .


    Brazil & Latin America






    Europe & Latin America









    STARLINGS (Former Nex-It)

    Europe & Latin America




    Europe & Latin America


    What is the difference between NDC by LATAM and e-LATAM/DCP in Brazil? 

    Both are direct connection tools, but e-LATAM/DCP (only available in Brazil) is based on EDIFACT. NDC by LATAM uses New Distribution Capability (NDC) technology, the industry standard for new distribution technology, which has been widely adopted by airlines over the last few years.

    If you’re currently an eLATAM/DCP user, we encourage you to start considering the shift to NDC by LATAM, given the advantages that it offers.

    Please remember that new clients interested in direct connection tools will only be connected through NDC.


    Is e-LATAM/DCP going to be shut down at the NDC by LATAM launch? 

    Every change takes time, and that’s why e-LATAM/DCP and NDC by LATAM will continue working simultaneously until further notice in the Brazilian market.

    If you’re currently an e-LATAM/DCP user, we’ll continue supporting you as usual. 


    I am a third-party technology developer; can I connect with NDC by LATAM in my tool? 

    Yes! You can connect through our API. Please contact us on and we’ll get back to you. You can access it through this link if you already have a user account on our Developer Portal.


    LATAM and Sabre are actively working on the integration of NDC content via Sabre, which is planned to be implemented during the first half of 2024. Once connectivity is established, NDC by LATAM will also be available via Sabre, which will act as a certified tech provider.


    Will there be a difference between NDC by LATAM content available via Sabre vs other channels (API, Aggregator, Portal)?

    Sabre will have access to all NDC by LATAM content. However, the availability to deliver that content to Sabre users will depend on Sabre’s technical capabilities.


    Will agency performance-based commissions and incentives differ between Edifact/Traditional and NDC bookings on Sabre? Will the NDC incentive differ between Sabre and other channels?

    At this stage, no decisions or changes have been made to the applicable commissions and incentives based on GDS technology.  


    Will LATAM remove Edifact/Traditional content, once NDC by LATAM is available in Sabre GDS?

    We have not made any decision on removing Edifact content. 


    Will there be a surcharge/cost recovery fee applied to NDC by LATAM bookings via Sabre? If so, what will it be?

    With our new distribution strategy, LATAM has introduced a general principle of distribution cost recovery, as has been implemented via the Distribution Cost Recovery Fee for GDS Edifact bookings, already in place. We intend to maintain that principle, but will announce closer to the launch day how that will apply to NDC by LATAM bookings via Sabre GDS.


    Will LATAM eliminate the Edifact surcharge on Sabre GDS now that an agreement has been reached?

    No.  We as LATAM will continue to apply the Distribution Cost Recovery Fee on Edifact GDS bookings, including Sabre. This is in line with our principle of distribution cost recovery. As a reminder NDC by LATAM via API, NDC aggregators, and NDC Portal incur no Distribution Cost Recovery Fee.


    Should an agent connect to NDC by LATAM via a tech aggregator, Direct Connect via API/Portal, or wait for Sabre GDS to distribute NDC by LATAM?

    We as LATAM cannot advise agents on which channel is best for you. However, we are continuously working to make access to NDC by LATAM content as easy as possible and as widely available as feasible.


    What specific functionality will be available via Sabre, how will bookings be managed, and what is different from Edifact bookings? 

    LATAM and Sabre are developing, technical specs on functionality and services will be provided once development is ready. Currently functionalities available for each connection channel are available in this link, and Sabre status will be included on our page. Please also check with Sabre at that time, as they are the ones integrating NDC by LATAM into their platform.

    If the agency already uses Sabre GDS, is it still necessary to request NDC by LATAM access?

    Yes, it is necessary to configure the agency’s IATAs to NDC by LATAM so filling the NDC Onboarding form is still necessary. When filling it out, the agency should choose GDS as the form of connection and then select Sabre as the chosen option. Details will follow closer to the time of availability of NDC by LATAM via Sabre. 

    What is the level of technical development of NDC by LATAM? 

    We’re continually developing the tool by working with agencies to get the best functionalities that satisfy market needs. Currently, the main functionalities in the Shopping & Booking, Post-sale and Ancillary processes are available for production.

    You can see detailed information on specific functionalities in our trade portal. Also, you can go to registry/la/ to see our list of developed functionalities that have been certified by IATA.


    What version of NDC and level of IATA certification does LATAM have at the moment? 

    LATAM’s current version of NDC is 19.2, and it has the ARM Certification from IATA, which is one of the highest levels of certification for the maturity of a NDC tool. For further information, please click the link below:


    Which post-sale services will be available on NDC by LATAM? 

    As we’re aware that for you post-sale services are equally important as sales services, we have focused on developing them. The available post-sale services at the moment are:

    • Dates changes
    • Post booking ancillaries
    • Void
    • Refund
    • Disruption management (involuntary changes)

    All the above services are available with limited forms of payment as of today. We’re developing other payment options that will be available very soon, as well as more post-sale services.


    How do I use the NDC by LATAM Portal? 

    Using the NDC by LATAM Portal is very simple! Check out our video tutorials available at soon.

    Who can I contact for help with NDC by LATAM? 

    NDC by LATAM Care team is here to help you! Get in touch with us through this form or for any technical, operational or commercial inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us via the following e-mails, depending on what you need:

    • For commercial inquiries, please contact:
    • For technical inquiries, please contact:
    • For operational inquiries
      • Brazil: 
      • South America: 
      • North America, Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania:  


    Will support for the current service channels for NDC by LATAM still be available?

    Yes, our current channels such as phone, email and chat will continue to be available with a dedicated NDC option.


    How can I contact NDC by LATAM support?

    All you have to do is write to us at:

    • Brazil: 
    • South America: 
    • North America, Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania:  

    Starting May 1, 2023 telephone, email and chat channels will also be available for NDC by LATAM.


    What services are offered by the NDC by LATAM Support team?

    Our support team is prepared to clarify any questions you may have regarding the use of our NDC Portal as well as to support you with any functions or processes that are not available via NDC by LATAM.


    Will we be provided support material for the NDC Portal?

    Yes, we have an exclusive page dedicated to NDC by LATAM on our LATAM TRADE portal where you can find important information. At this time there are video tutorials available for your viewing, and we will add additional content soon.


    Will there be any service charges when I contact NDC by LATAM support?

    No, our NDC by LATAM support is free of charge.


    I don't have access to NDC by LATAM, but my agency would like to connect.  Can the NDC by LATAM support team help me with this connection?

    Yes, please write to us at in order to assist you with establishing a connection.


    I have questions about the functionality available with NDC by LATAM. Can the Support team help me?

    Yes, our team can guide you through the functionalities of the tool and advise you on how to access LATAM TRADE, where you can find the most complete information about NDC by LATAM, and much more.


    In what languages does the NDC by LATAM team offer support?

    Support is available 24/7 in English and Spanish. Support in Portuguese (for Brazil) is available Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 8:00pm, and Saturdays from 8:00am to 2:00pm.