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    Here you will find all the necessary information on how to best integrate with NDC by LATAM. This includes onboarding via your preferred connection method , functionalities and support. 




    NDC by LATAM is LATAM’s new distribution tool using the industry transmission standard “NDC”, which refers  to “New Distribution Capability”. With your NDC by LATAM connection, you can access LATAM’s content in order to offer your customers better services. Furthermore, NDC by LATAM will enable your customers to avoid the Distribution Cost Recovery Fee of US$ 12 per segment, which is applicable to GDS bookings from 01 May 2023 onwards.


    • Access to LATAM content
    • Richer and more exclusive content
    • Connection to continuous prices
    • Personalize and adapt your offers
    • Access to products and rate information in real time
    • Autonomy in reissues, changes and refunds
    • Access to a broader catalog of ancillary products
    • Smoother post-sale processes
    • Avoid the distribution cost recovery fee applicable to the GDS channel

    The NDC Care team is ready to help you! Contact us through this form or if you prefer, write us by email:


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    Our support is available 24/7 in English and Spanish.