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    On this page you will find updates to the Platform for Groups, which will be updated when we have implemented anything new or made any changes. For general questions about this tool, you can consult Group Support, through our Chat or E-Mail.

    - Groups user manual

    We inserted the fields "IATA Issuer" and "Agency Issuer"
    They can be filled in when modifying a group:

    If the IATA Issuer is filled in, when generating the contract, the IATA and name of the issuing agency will be shown in the contract. If it is left blank, the requesting agency will be displayed.

    When requesting to create new groups, or duplicate them, the OD field in the LH segments is now mandatory (6 alphabetic characters).

    - When requesting to create new groups, for Spain TTOO (Tour operator) it shows Long Haul and Short Haul instead of LH and SH.

    - The "Messages" menu has been removed as the Latam Trade chat can now be accessed from the "Home" page

    In all countries, automatic emails are scheduled to be sent with requests for:

    - Reduction of spaces
    - Group cancellation
    - Addpax
    - Modification
    - Issuance (only available in SSC)
    - Split (only available in US)
    - New group: Only for direct pricing (US, CA, SSC)