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ANCILLARIES - Treatment of ancillaries for changes and refunds of air tickets


Changes are incorporated to the treatment of ancillaries in the post-sale processes (exchanges and refunds). The post-sale process of ancillaries (changes and refunds) have been modified.


Changes or refunds of LATAM tickets with associated ancillaries (bags, seats, etc.)

Implementation date:



In case of requests for changes  or refund of tickets, the associated ancillaries will be processed as follow:


Voluntary changes: ancillaries that can be modified, keep  the current process through the agency's support areas (reassociation/reissue). In cases where it is not possible (fare differences, route, etc.) a new EMD can be generated and the original EMD is sent to refund  without a waiver requestOnly in the cases mentioned above is it allowed to request the refund only the ancillary.


Voluntary refunds: travels that include ancillaries will be reimbursed provided that it is processed together with the air ticket itself. If the ticket is non refundable, the ancillary and the taxes of the ticket will be refunded


Ticket Modifications > Modification of Ancillaries

Refunds > Refund of Ancillaries