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    • Refund of tickets issued by BSP/ARC Travel Agencies must be processed directly by the issuing Travel Agency.
    • Only valid* refundable LATAM tickets will be accepted for refund. Valid tickets are considered:



      WITHOUT initiated trip

      12 months from the date of issuance.

      WITH initiated trip

      12 months from the date the trip begins.


    Tickets that exceed these time limits are considered expired.


    A. Airport taxes: Unused Airport taxes are always eligible for refund, regardless of the corresponding fare or ticket validity.

    B. Sales Taxes: Sales taxes are refunded according to the fare regulation of the ticket. To confirm if a tax is refundable, the Travel Agent must verify directly through the GDS.

    The channel for requesting the refund of tickets and ancillaries issued on LATAM stock varies depending on the market and the form of payment used, as explained in the following table:



    Indirect refund via BSP Link

    United States/Canada

    All involuntary and voluntary refund requests, regardless of the form of payment.

    Ticket status must be changed via GDS to be processed through ARC in the United States and through BSP in Canada.


    Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay and Peru


    All voluntary and involuntary refund requests, regardless of the form of payment.

    Chile, Colombia and Ecuador

    Voluntary and Involuntary refund of tickets, paid in cash that have not been reissued.


    Commercial exceptions / Refunds authorized with Waiver, regardless of the form of payment.

    • Voluntary and involuntary refunds of tickets paid with credit card.
    • Exact duplicate.
    • Tickets from a reissue (Form of payment EXCH), regardless of the form of payment.


    Requests for voluntary and involuntary refunds must be processed via the RefundWeb, regardless of the form of payment.

    If a waiver authorization is required, contact the sales agent or, in the case of travel agencies, send the request to

    In case of exception due to Medical Reasons or Death, email the request to:

    In case of Group Reservations, where authorization via Waiver is required,  email the request to:

    For exception due to exact duplicity, an e-mail should be sent to: 


    Europe, Africa and Middle East (EMEA)

    Voluntary refunds (regardless of the form of payment) must be processed as automatic refund via GDS.

    • Commercial exceptions/Refunds authorized with Waiver (E.g. Passenger protection, Death, Medical exceptions, Exact duplication, etc.) regardless of the form of payment.
    • Involuntary refunds, regardless of the form of payment.
    • If the Travel Agency is unable to process the refund via GDS, it must request it via BSP Link.

    Asia, Australia and New Zealand

    • Voluntary refunds of unused or partially used tickets paid in cash.
    • Commercial exceptions/Refunds authorized with Waiver (E.g. Death, Medical exceptions, Exact duplication, etc.) regardless of the form of payment.

    All refund requests not mentioned in the previous box.

    • Direct refund via BSP Link does not apply to any of these markets.
    • The ticket is refunded in the original form of payment, except in Ecuador, where it is refunded in cash.
    • All indirect sale tickets reissued by LATAM will be treated as direct sale ticket for refund purposes, except in Europe, where the following will apply:
      •  Refund may be requested by the Travel Agency or the customer. If it is requested by the Travel Agency, the refund will be processed through the Agency Service Agent.
      • In both cases, the refund will be made through bank transfer.

    Remember that LATAM may issue ADMs for any irregularity in the refund process.

    Considerations to refund tickets will depend on the type of ticket and / or date of issue:


    Refund Definitions

    Tickets issued as of July 30, 2018

    Tickets issued as of September 01, 2018

    Tickets issued as of April 9, 2019


    Penalties are calculated by fare component, so a different penalty may apply to each segment to be refunded.

    Domestic tickets Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

    Domestic tickets Argentina.

    International tickets with commercial fares.


    Penalty in percentage (%)


    The penalty to pay for refund will be a percentage of the fare component (fare plus surcharge – Q), with this, the “fixed penalty amount” per route will be eliminated.



    Yes, it applies for tickets in domestic and international routes.

    For tickets in domestic routes within Brazil, penalties are published in percentage since NSM.

    Refund Request:


    Tickets with "REF" fare components, will keep this condition, only if the refund is requested BEFORE the date of travel.

    After commencement of the trip, only taxes will be refunded.

    For tickets with "REF" components: Before or after commencement of the trip, subject to the fare regulation of each component.

    Tickets with NONREF fares reissued to REF fares.

    Domestic Tickets Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador y Perú, are refunded according to the terms of REF ticket, without discounting the NONREF portion of the original ticket.

    Domestic Tickets Argentina are refunded according to the terms of REF ticket, without discounting the NONREF portion of the original ticket

    International route tickets; are refunded according to the terms of REF ticket, without discounting the NONREF portion of the original ticket.



    • For combined End on End and Side Trips tickets “Refund” for each separate fare basis (given they are independent price units), in other words, the percentage due for refund is independent an calculated for each fare basis.
    • For partially used tickets the flights already taken must be re-quoted for the date of travel of said flights, and the resulting amount deducted from the total refund amount. Re-quoting the flown segments of the trip cannot be made for cabin classes or fares under the cost of the flown segments. The penalty applicable to the balance is indicated in the item “CANCELLATIONS” (category 16) which lists the original fare. This does not apply to international tickets issued since April 9, 2019, since the partially used tickets are considered NON-REF.
    • Refunds for unused coupons must be requested once the trip has been completed.
    • For private fares, it will be necessary to check the fare regulation of the ticket to be refunded.
    • Penalty fee for refunds on tickets issued from May 27, 2019, originating in South Korea (regardless of the country of issue), depends on days of advance that this refund is requested. This information has to be checked in Category 16 "Penalties".

    Ancillary Product (Bags and Seats) 


    Type of Refund





    Ancillaries issued in Brazil 

    The refund follows the same logic of the ticket, that is, it can be refunded as long as the ticket allows refund and that it is requested together with the refund of the ticket. 

    Protection Policy applies

    Ancillaries issued in other countries 

    Not Applicable

    * Legal exceptions apply for Brazil and Colombia. 

    Considerations for cases of involuntary change of seats while maintaining the original flight:

    When the delivery of the seat purchased is not possible due to causes attributable to the company. The refund of the amount paid for the seat is done proactively by LATAM or on an international route has bought any seat and is awarded an upgrade to Business class, he/she will be allowed to request an involuntary refund of the seat bought in Economy. 

    In the case of passengers who proactively contact their travel agency, the following applies:

    • EMD of seat in “OPEN” status: the Travel Agency can process the refund.
    • EMD of seat in "USED" status: contact your Sales Support Executive.

    Exceptions due to Death

    The refund will be allowed without penalty, regardless of the fare regulation, applies for unused or partially used LATAM tickets that include LATAM or other airline flights.
    The exception will apply for passengers with valid tickets issued on a date prior to the death.

    Travel Agent Action:

    • Accredit the death of the passenger, direct family member or companion through death certificate and a document supporting kinship when applicable.
    • Contact The Sales Support Executive, holding the aforementioned documents to request a backup Waiver.
    • Process the refund through indirect refunds of BSP Link/ARC, entering the Waiver number provided by the LATAM Sales Support Executive, as this Waiver sequential number will be used as back-up in case of audit.
    • Ticket of:

      Mandatory Support Notes:

      Deceased passengers 

      INVOL REF DUE TO DEATH OF PSGR + name and ID NUmber of the Requester 

      Companions traveling with a deceased passenger (same or different PNR). It does not apply to groups PNR companions. 

      INVOL REF DUE TO DEATH OF COMPANION  + TKT  Number of the deceased companion. 

      Passengers who provide proof of the death of an immediate family member. (spouse, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, siblings-in-law, nieces, nephews, parents-in-law, sons-in-law and daughters-in-law) or partner (with/without civil partnership) 

      INVOL REF DUE TO DEATH OF FAMILY MEMBER +  nombre familiar fallecido 

    Exceptions due to Medical Reasons 

    LATAM has a policy of Medical Exceptions for critical situations or hospitalization. Any exception of this type must be channeled through your local Sales Support Executive BEFORE the departure of the original flight, who will evaluate the situation according to the established internal policy.

    In all cases, supporting documentation will be required. 

    Considerations for refund of tickets for Medical Reasons and Death in Brazil

    Apply for refund requests due to Exceptions for Medical Reasons and Death for agencies in Brazil

    Action Travel Agent:

    1) Request supporting documentation:

    • Death: Proof of the death of the passenger, direct family member or companion through a death certificate and a document proving kinship, depending on the case. Tickets must be issued with a date prior to the death.
    • Medical reasons: Certificate of hospitalization that must be issued by the treating hospital or clinic, medical certificate and documentation proving kinship, depending on the case. Any exception of this type must be requested BEFORE the departure of the original flight.

    In all cases, LATAM will evaluate the documentation according to the established internal policy.

    2) The Travel Agent will send an e-mail requesting the refund waiver for Agencies Support BR with the documentation / certificate attached in the e-mail, according to the model below:


    Subject: Solicitação de reembolso com atestado médico/óbito;

    ** E-mail model in the body **

    Ticket number:


    Name of the passenger:


    Amount of the penalty:

    Non-refundable ticket: (if the ticket is not refundable - Ex. Light Rate / Promo Rate)

    Applicant agent's mail:

    Attach the medical certificate with CID:

    3) Support Agencies BR will receive the documentation and check if it is correct:

    INCORRECT: Answer the e-mail with the detail of the mandatory documentation to access the exception.

    CORRECT: Support Agencies will respond to the email within 24 hours, informing in the email that the ticket has already been forwarded to the reimbursement team and will be calculated within 7 days in addition to the number of the WIS Folio generated.

    The Travel Agent must not take any action other than those reported above, since with the receipt of the Waiver ticket, the refund will be processed from LATAM.

    • Exact duplicate tickets corresponds to: two identical tickets issued with the same flight origin/destination, date, FOID, name and last name. It is not necessary  for the fare basis and date of issuance to coincide.
    • Applies for tickets issued by the same Travel Agency and for those cases where the passenger indicates exact duplication with a direct sales ticket, the Travel Agents will be authorized to request a refund for duplication of the ticket issued by the indirect channel.
    • In order to remind our Travel Agents that in case of issuing a duplicate ticket, the duplicate must be voided the same calendar day it was issued. If the duplicated ticket is not voided the same day, refunds for duplicate are subject to an administrative fee in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.
    • Consider that for cases of duplicate with direct sales ticket, the administrative fee associated with duplicity will not apply.
    • The amount of the charge is defined according to the route of the ticket and for each duplicated ticket send to refund:
    • Route of the Ticket *

      Administrative Charge

      Long Haul

      USD 45


      USD 30


      USD 20

    (*) The route applies according to current definition.

    • Consider that in Bolivia, 14.94% VAT must be added to the aforementioned administrative fee. For the rest of the countries the amount of the administrative fee already includes taxes, so it is not necessary to add them.
    • For refundable tickets without penalty, no administrative charge will be applied.
    • The administrative fee applies to the issuing agency.
    • The refund request must be done before the date of the first segment of the ticket and having canceled the reservation.
    • If the reservation has not been canceled before requesting the refund, this will be calculated according to fare regulations.
    • The ticket must be exact duplicity, This procedure does not apply to Inexact Duplicates or Inverted Route Refunds.
    • Associated ancillaries follow the action taken with the ticket.

    Step by Step Travel Agent: Indirect reimbursement Through BSP Link

    1. Cancel duplicate reservation of ticket that will not be used.
    2. Enter a standard message on the indirect reimbursement request in BSPLink specifying the duplicate send to refund and the ticket number that will be used. EXACT DUPLICATE WITH TKT 045XXXXXXXXXX (ticket that will be used).
    3. Process the Refund.
    4. The Travel Agent must discount the administrative fee when processing the refund, however, if the administrative fee was not applied on the refund (*), LATAM will apply this charge when authorizing the refund.

    Note: The Agency will not discount the administrative charge to tickets paid by credit card belonging to passengers when requesting the refund, in these cases; LATAM will apply the charge via ADM.

    In accordance with the third section of Colombian Aeronautical Regulations (RAC in Spanish), passenger are granted the Right to Retract or Right to Desist

    • Right to Retract: When the passenger regrets their respective purchase and desires a refund. 
    • Right to Desist: When the passenger does not desire to travel (execute the transport contract with the airline) and requests a refund.



    • Travel agencies will process their requests.
    • The ticket must be bought in Colombia, independent of the itinerary's point of origin. The request must also be made in Colombia.
    • In the event of a reissuance, must consider the original purchase date of the ticket.
    • For cash refunds said refunds will be returned a maximum 30 calendar days from the date of notification of retraction or renunciation.

    Considerations for the Right to Retract:

    • Applies for sales effected via non-traditional methods or distance sales.
    • Passengers can request a refund a maximum 48 hours after making the purchase.
    • Flight departure must be:

    Domestic flight: more than 8 days away from the request for retraction.

    International flight: more than 15 days away from the request for retraction.Examples:

    a) Passenger buys a ticket for BOG-CLO-BOG on the 1st of June to fly on the 5th of June. Retraction doesn`t apply.

    b) Passenger buys a ticket for BOG-CLO-BOG on the 1st of June to fly on the 12th of June. Retraction applies.

    • It applies for all fares.
    • Applies for unused or partially used tickets.
    • For cases combining domestic/international flights, the deadline for international flights applies.
    • The cost retained in these cases can be no greater than 10% of the amount paid by the passenger for the respective fare (fare plus fuel surcharge), this does not include fees, the administrative fee or taxes. Passengers will be charged a maximum of COP60,000 for domestic tickets and USD50 for international tickets (applying the current exchange rate on the date in question), independent of whether the 10% is greater than these amounts.

    Considerations for the right to desist:

    • Applies for tickets bought in any sales channel.
    • The passenger can desist from boarding or travelling at any time between issuance and 24 hours prior to flight departure.
    • The cost retained in these cases can be no greater than 10% of the amount paid by the passenger for the respective fare (fare plus fuel surcharge), this does not include fees, the administrative fee or taxes.It applies only for fare code FX, FF, SF, SE or SL (Brands SE or SL only for L, M, K, H classes). Exception: Tickets issued between Saturday July 8 and July 12, 2017 will apply the rigt to desist regardless the brand or class.


    • Passengers who meet the following conditions will be eligible for a refund:Valid exclusively for sales made in Colombia
    • There must be at least 5 business days between the date of request for cancellation and the flight date.
    • The request must be filed within 5 business days from the date of purchase.

    Cancellation without penalty:

    The article 11 of ANAC Resolution 400, allows passengers who buy tickets in Brazil (regardless of the route) to desist from the purchase and request the refund without penalty, provided that they meet the requirements.

    The details are indicated in: Políticas Locais/Regras ANAC (Resolução 400)/ Cancelamento parcial e arrependimento de compra (only available in portuguese).


    The cancellation of the EMD-A, will follow the cancellation rule without cost, provided that the passenger requests the cancellation along with the ticket.

    The regulations of the DOT (U.S. Department of Transportation) provides that passengers with tickets/EMD issued in US, are entitled to claim a 100% refund of a ticket/EMD, provided that the refund is requested up to 24 hours after purchase and there are seven days or more between the purchase date and the flight`s departure date.

    • When processing the refund thru ARC, the agent should state: "DOT USA Regulation"
    • The refund must be requested no later than one day from ticketing date
    • It applies to any route issued in the US and it may be requested at any country.

    Complying with the "Israel Consumer Protection Law 5776-2016" Which establishes that passengers who make non-in-person purchases in Israel from Tickets/ Ancillaries have the right to request a 100% refund of the Ticket/Ancillary, provided that the refund is requested up to 14 days after your purchase and there are 7 working days before the start date of the trip.

    Applies regardless of the country where the refund is requested, as long as it is non-contact sales made in Israel, with IATA of Israel.

    Additionally, the following passengers will have a period of 4 months to request a refund:

    • Senior citizen as a person who has attained the age of 65
    • New immigrant as a person residing in Israel during the first five-year period after having received an Oleh visa or an Oleh eligibility certificate from the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption (an Oleh visa and certificate may be granted to Jewish immigrants and members of families of Jews immigrating to Israel under the Law of Return, 6710-1950 (SH 5710 No. 51, p. 159)
    • Disabled person as a person with disabilities in accordance with the Law for Equal Rights for Person with Disabilities, 5758-1998 (SH 5758 No. 1658, p. 152). (Amendment Law § 4, adding § 14C1(a) to the Consumer Protection Law.)

    The exception must be channeled through the LATAM Sales Support Executive and this must be supported with a Waiver.

    This law does not apply to sales in Travel Agencies or websites outside of Israel.

    Applicability: All countries except Brazil.

    If a passenger requests a refund due to denied boarding by LATAM, the LATAM Sales Support Executive must be contacted to authorize the ticket refund without penalty.

    The LATAM Sales Support Executive must verify this is actually a case of denied boarding (DNB). If the refund is warranted, she/he will authorize it via waiver.


    United States 

    All other countries 

    Change the ticket status via GDS and then, process the refund with the backup waiver via ARC. 

    Contact the LATAM Sales Support Executive, who will enter the corresponding waiver after confirming boarding was denied.

    The refund will be processed free of penalty via indirect refund through BSPLink, specifying the waiver folio number provided by the LATAM Sales Support Executive.

    In the case of Brazil, the passenger must contact LATAM directly to request the refund. 

    The refund only applies if the ticket is still valid.

    Due to legal requirements in South Korea, tickets must allow refunds depending on how early the request is made.

    Therefore, for LATAM tickets with travel originating in South Korea the regulation has been configured to indicate these refund options.

    In the case of LATAM tickets issued in South Korea with travel originating outside this country, the "Refund" item may not comply with the regulations currently in force in South Korea, so, in order to remain compliant, refund penalties will be charged according to the following:

    • 91 days or more before departure, there is no associated penalty.
    • 90 to 31 days before departure, the penalty is 15% of the fare.
    • 30 days or less before departure, the penalty is 29% of the fare.

    The rule will be applied under category 16 of the fare regulation using the following text:





    Processing the refund

    • Calculate the refund according to local regulation KFTC.
    • When entering the refund request via GDS or BSP, add the KRREFUNDPOLICY in:
      • If via BSP in the field “Reason for Refund
      • If via GDS in the waiver code

    With this code, audit teams will recognize refund requests intended to comply with this regulation.