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Special Needs | Additional Seat (EXST / CBBG)

    Passengers have the possibility to pay for an adjoining seat, which is used for the following cases:




    Application (Cabin)

    Extra Seat (EXST)

    Is a paid service with automatic confirmation, which consists of the assignment of 1 extra seat for comfort, obesity or medical needs.

    Economy, Premium Business or Premium Economy*

    Cabin Baggage (CBBG)

    For passengers who need to transport special baggage (fragile or large baggage, which due to its dimensions or weight cannot be considered part of the hand baggage allowance) in cabin paying for an extra seat. This applies to: musical instruments, diplomatic bags, works of art, scientific instruments and similar items of a delicate nature.

    Economy, Premium Business or Premium Economy





    (*) Passengers that due to their size must out of necessity occupy the immediately adjacent seat, can only travel in Economy in order to use this service. The configuration of some of the premium cabins  (Premium Business and Premium Economy) have no retractable armrests between seats limiting the use of an adjacent seat.

    • Valid only in itineraries with flights 100% operated by LATAM.
    • There is a maximum limit allowed of 1 additional seat per passenger.
    • Passengers who require this service must have a confirmed seat. On routes where the seats are subject to collection, the passenger must pay for both seats.
    • It must be requested at the time of booking. Passengers who require the service after issuing the ticket must reissue and pay the applicable fare differences.
    • Passengers with these services will be allowed to keep the applicable baggage allowance for each of their tickets (passenger ticket and CBBG/EXST ticket). Eg: if a passenger travels with a FULL fare on a domestic route with a 1PC allowance, he/she will be entitled to 2 pieces: the one defined on his ticket and the one on the ticket where the service is reflected. This eliminates the manipulation of baggage allowance when ticketing. 
    • It only accrue Miles/Points the ticket purchased for the passenger, the EXST/CBBG does not accumulate.

    If at the time of boarding the passenger requires an EXST because it does not fit in the seat, EXST will be charged at the fare available at the time of travel. Except in Argentina for trips on domestic routes where EXST will not be sold or booked, the passenger must arrive 3 hours before the flight to receive a free EXST. Does not apply for connections with international or interline routes.


    2.1 Additional considerations about CBBG

    It must not contain dangerous goods.

    Referential dimensions:

    • 41 cm long + 41cm wide + 90cm high
    • Maximum weight allowed: 45kgs (101 lbs.)
    • The item must not obstruct the vision of the "safety belt", "no smoking" or "exit" signs in the aircraft cabin.

    The item must be fully covered within a suitcase or carrying case with handle. The seat belt will pass through the handle to prevent displacement during the flight.

    CBBG that do not comply with the conditions reported will NOT be boarded in the cabin. The luggage will be sent to the aircraft hold (provided that it complies with the standards of weight and piece allowed to travel in the aircraft hold). The fare regulation of the CBBG ticket will apply.

    The Travel Agent must issue 2 tickets, leaving one of them in the passenger's name and the additional one identified as surname/EXST or CBBG as applicable:



    Example Name

    SSR Request


    Extra Seat (EXST)

    SOTO/JUAN and


    Enter a SSR EXST code, indicating the reason of the request,  associated to the corresponding flight segments and passenger/s.

    -   The immediate reservation of seats is MANDATORY.

    -   The CBBG/EXST ticket number must be included in a CKIN SSR

    -   Enter names and SSR EXST or CBBG before closing the PNR (all in one input).

    Cabbin Bagagge (CBBG)

    SOTO/JUAN and 


    Enter a SSR CBBG code along with a free text with information about the type of baggage (for musical instruments specify the type)

    *When filling in the name data for the EXST or CBBG, enter the name EXST or CBBG, as appropriate. In the last name field, the passenger's last name will be used. The travel agent must verify with his GDS the transaction for its correct entry,  respecting that the product must be reflected in a single ticket. The travel support agent must verify that in Sabre the names have been created correctly, that is, the passenger name is displayed as passenger 1.1 and the EXST or CBBG as passenger 1.2.


    • The charges for EXST/CBBG correspond to an additional adult fare for the EXST/CBBG, subject to the availability of the existing fare at the time of the request. For reservations made through GDS systems, it is required to apply the Distribution Cost Recovery Fee (DCRF) of USD 13.00 per coupon. This fee is reflected as the tax code YR (or Q in Brazil).
    • Airport taxes will only be charged associated to the ticket of the passenger, these are not charged to the EXST/CBBG service. Sales tax must be included in countries where applicable.
    • If the EXST / CBBG is requested in only one segment of the journey, the OW fare applies for the pair of points.
    • The seat must be assigned at the time of booking and this must be continuous to the passenger. For passengers traveling with CBBG, the assigned seat will be a window next to the owner.
    • It is not allowed to assign the seat in exits or emergency rows.
    • The change of seat in the cabin of the airplane is not allowed

    The measures of the width of the seats vary depending on the flight material, according to the following:


    Type of aircraft


    Seat width from:



    Premium Economy

    50,2 centimeters / 19,8 inches



    44,4 centimeters / 17,5 inches

    In rows 23 and 24, the width of the seat is 41,4 centimeters/16,3 inches


    Premium Economy

    44,9 centimeters / 17,7 inches



    44,4 centimeters / 17,5 inches

    In rows 26, 27, 28 and 29,  the width of the seat is 43,4 centimeters/17,1 inches



    44,4 centimeters / 17,5 inches

    En las filas 10, 11, 24, 25, 37 y 38, el ancho del asiento es de 41,9  centimeters/ 16,5 inches



    45,7 centimeters /   18 inches

    The seats that are in the side rows (rows facing the window) in rows 49 and 50;  the seat width is 44.9 centimeters/17,7 inches



    45,2 centimeters / 17,8 inches

    The seats in row 12 center measure 43.4 centimeters /17.1 inches



    43.1 centimeters /      17 inches

    The width of the 20 J, K and L seats (found in the right side row) is 41.6 centimeters / 16.4 inches



    43,9 centimeters / 17,3 inches

    Seats in row 35 that are in the side rows (rows facing the window) measure; 41.4 centimeters /16.3 inches



    43,9 centimeters / 17,3 inches




    • Changes apply according to the fare regulations and current reissue policy.
    • Refunds apply according to the fare regulation and refunds policy.

    If the refund or change is allowed with a penalty, the penalty will be charged only for the passenger and not for the CBBG.

    At the moment, this function is not available on our NDC portal.

    If you need to request EXST or CBBG, we ask that you contact our specialists through our preferential support channel: the chat available here on LATAM Trade (in addition to our usual service channels). This way, our team will take care of processing your request on your order.

    All other general considerations, associated fees and definition of this special service remain unchanged.