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Special Passengers | Pregnant Women

    The policy objective is to define the regulations for pregnant passengers, ensuring safe travel on LATAM flights. 

    Pregnant passengers can travel with no restrictions before week 30 of their pregnancy (except on flights to/from Peru that can travel without restriction until before completing week 28), provided that they are in good health conditions; therefore, if a passenger reports to be pregnant, the number of weeks of pregnancy should be consulted, since in some cases the passenger will need to submit a medical certificate.

    The following table summarizes the requirements for pregnant women without complications in their pregnancy. Pregnancies with some medical complication (hypertension, symptoms of premature birth, gestational diabetes) should always request Medical Certification, regardless of the gestation period:

    Required Documentation

    Single fetus pregnancy

    Multiple fetus pregnancy

    Exceptions on flights to/from Peru (single and multiple fetus)

    Does not require a Certificate

    Before 30 weeks into the pregnancy

    Before 28 weeks into the pregnancy

    Requires medical certificate. (Does not require validation of the medical area of the company)

    From 30 weeks to before completing 36 weeks.

    From 30 weeks to before completing 32 weeks.

    From 28 weeks to before completing 32 weeks.

    Requires medical certificate or MEDIF with the medical area of the company.

    From 36 weeks to before completing 39 weeks.

    From 32 weeks to before completing 39 weeks.

    From 32 weeks to before completing 36 weeks.

    It is not allowed to embark pregnant passengers from week 39 in LATAM operation and from week 36 on flights to/from Peru

    New: With immediate effect, the requirement that the medical certificate be issued by a medical specialist remains without effect. Ex: Gynecologist, Obstetrician, Fetal Medicine.

    The certificate must:

    • Be issued within 10 days before flight departure
    • Must include the passenger's origin and destination
    • Indicate departure and arrival dates
    • Indicate weeks of pregnancy
    • Indicate explicit authorization to travel by plane

    If the passenger does not present the corresponding certificate they will not be permitted to board.

    Passenger having given birth earlier than 7 days before travel will not be permitted to board unless they present medical certification validated by LATAM's medical area. 

    When it is appropriate to present a medical certificate, the Travel Agent must enter an OSI indicating that the passenger was informed, for example: WARNING PSGR REQ MEDICAL CERTIFICATE.