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Special Passengers | UMNR


    LATAM provides an unaccompanied minor service which ensures all children traveling without an adult companion arrive safely at their respective destination. UM are given assistance in every stage of their trip including at stopovers, in immigration, security, and on board the flight; service ends when the UM is handed over to the corresponding responsible adult at the end of the trip. 

    The maximum number of UM allowed per flight material shall be:

    • 3 UM for planes with one walkway
    • 6 UM for planes with two walkways

    The age ranges for accepting UMNR as well as the conditions the itinerary must have are adjusted as follows:

    * Between 8 and 11 years of age: Obligatory service and Only available on direct LATAM flights. If the flight itinerary has a connection (domestic or international) or are codeshare flights, it will NOT be possible to confirm service.

    * Between 12 and 17 years of age: Optional service in Direct or connecting LATAM flights (*).

    (*) Restrictions on optional service (minors between 12 and 17), UM will be accepted whenever: 

    a. The itinerary includes connecting flights and the connection is NOT the last one of the day except for flights that have only one offering per day. (Example: LIM SCL SYD, SYD is the last flight of the day, but only takes place once, meaning this service can be requested for minors between 12 and 17).

    b. The connecting time at intermediary points will be in the same airport and this does not exceed four hours. There will not be connection taken by ground to another airport (e.g. AEP flight connecting from an EZE flight).

    c. The itinerary has flights operated by other airlines (codeshares will not be accepted).

    d. Connections must be at the same reservation (it does not apply for separate booking) or connecting flights with other airlines.

    • The service must be requested up to 48 hours before the departure of the flight.
    • If the service is requested after the ticket has been issued and the age of the child allows for the optional service (between 12 and 17 years old), the service can be requested for the original flight. In the event that the service is not available for the issued date, the travel agent should contact their Global Sales Support agent.
    • If the child travels accompanied on any of the segments, it must also be included in the reservation with the details of the accompanying adult.
    • The UMNR service must be confirmed both on the way out and the return at the time of issuance.
    • The service is available for all cabins (Economy, Premium Economy and Premium Business) and subject to charges (in PB or PE there are no fare discounts for CHD).
    • Airport check-in must be carried out in the presence of a responsible adult.
    • The customer requesting the service MUST be advised to inform themselves of any legal and/or document requirements needed for transporting the minor into and out of the countries of departure and arrival.
    • UM passengers under the age of 12 cannot travel with PETC or AVIH.
    • Due to safety reasons, this service is not available to minors when:
      • They must take medication during the trip
      • Are not capable to attend their own physiological needs.
      • Need Medical Certification.

    Please note: Delta Air Lines (DL), American Airlines and United Airlines consider UMNR mandatory up to the age of 14. Given that; LATAM, DL, AA and UA do not accept UMNR on connecting flights with other companies, the passenger’s age will always have to be confirmed when entering SR DOCS prior to sale (mandatory for all flights to/from/toward the US). If the minor is considered a UMNR for DL, AA or UA the passenger must be offered the issuance of a 100% operated itinerary by the issuing operator (issued directly with them).

    Considering that in Peru the mandatory self-isolation period due to Covid-19 is still in force for minors under 14 years of age, minors will only be allowed to travel if accompanied by at least one of their parents or their legal guardian and the corresponding affidavit. Accordingly, the UMNR service for minors between the ages of 8 and 14 years has been suspended until further notice. Except on international flights, where the service is still available. (To be considered  international, the flight must include the origination point and the final destination in the same reservation. E.g. CUZ x/LIM SCL)

    For minors between 12 and 18 years, less a day traveling unaccompanied and who do not have UMNR service can be identified in the reservation through a TEEN code, which allows them to be identified for the company to offer all the necessary assistance in case of contingencies. For the entry of this code, the Travel Agent should contact the LATAM Sales Support Agent.

    In an effort to establish a policy in line with non-discrimination regulations, pertinent authorities have established that unaccompanied minors (UMNR) with disabilities will be accepted for boarding provided that they are able to:

    • Physically contribute toward their own evacuation.
    • Understand and respond to safety instructions.
    • Satisfy their own nutritional needs and hygiene autonomously. 

    Requests for UMNR service are governed by the same regulations established for Unaccompanied Minors. However, before processing the request, the Travel Agent handling the booking must apply the following protocol to the adult responsible for the minor:

    “Mr./Ms.: In consideration of your child’s safety as they travel as a UMNR we must know if he or she is able to:

    • Understand and respond to safety instructions.
    • Can assist in his or her own evacuation from the plane.
    • To move around
    • Attend to their own nutritional needs and hygiene

    If the adult in charge of the child answers affirmatively to all the questions, a backup SSRCKIN must be entered in the reservation:


    LATAM will not confirm the applications of UMNR with disability if the SSRCKIN is not entered in the reservation with the information that the protocol was applied.

    Minors will be placed

    Economy Cabin:  Prioritize aisle seats in the penultimate and penultimate rows of the cabin

    Premium Economy Cabin : No restrictions

    Premium Business Cabin: Secure seats in aisles, preferably in the first 3 rows of the Premium Business Cabin.

    These seats will be assigned by LATAM when confirming the service.

    If the service is confirmed on an already issued ticket, and the customer had paid for a seat, the paid amount is refunded, and the seats designated for unaccompanied minors are assigned.

    LATAM has a monitoring service for those minors who travel without the company of an adult and pay for unaccompanied minor service.

    Details on

    These charges apply for each Child traveling as UMNR and apply according to the origin-destination of the passenger. When there are stopovers, the charge is made for each one of them.

    These prices are subject to all applicable taxes of each country:





    USD 50.00


    BRL 149

    (Tickets issued until 03/14/18 have a value of BRL 129,00)


    USD 30.00


    COP 90.000


    Within South America and Routes between:

    ·         Madrid - Frankfurt

    ·         Santiago - Easter Island

    ·         Punta Cana - Miami

    ·         Auckland - Sydney

    USD 100.00

    Between South America and:

    ·         North America

    ·         Europe

    ·         Caribbean

    ·         Oceania (including Santiago -  Papeete route)

    ·         South Africa

    USD 150.00

    Reservations for passengers traveling as unaccompanied minors with or without a CHD identifier must have a mandatory SSR UMNR with the age and date of birth of the minor: SSR UMNR UM 07 DOB 09OCT11.

    Additionally, the following information must be entered in the PNR by means of OSI elements:Minor's Date of Birth.Data of the adult delivering the minor:

    • First Name and Surname, contact number and kinship.
    • Data of the adult receiving the minor: First Name and Surname, contact number and kinship.
    • Data of the adult booking the service: Name, Surname and contact number.

    The Travel Agent must provide the customer will all conditions for sale, changes and refunds.

    The confirmation of the UMNR SSR must be awaited before processing the payment through EMD-A.

    Considerations about issuing EMD-A:

    • Interline issuance has not been implemented yet; therefore, EMD-As must not be issued for codeshare itineraries or tickets issued on other ticketing plates, even in the case of LATAM flights.
    • The EMD-A must be issued using the same ticketing plate as the original ticket, for the following services:

      Type of Service

      EMD Type

      Code: Reason for issuance code (RFIC)

      Subcode: Reason for issuance subcode (RFISC)

      Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR) Service)





    • These EMDs are NOT commissionable. Except in the following countries that are commissioned due to legal definitions: Colombia, Spain, Italy, Israel, Poland, Portugal and South Africa.
    • The price for the service is available through ATPCO (Airline Tariff Publishing Company) and will be displayed when selecting the desired product (taxes are included). Manual pricing for this service is not permitted.






    EMD for UMNR service

    Changes are subject to the fare regulation of the ticket. In other words, it can only be changed if the ticket fare allows changes.

    For this, the penalty  must be reviewed.

    Allowed only before departure of the original flight. If the passenger contacts after the departure of the flight, no refund is allowed.

    UM Ticket

    In accordance with fare regulations, independent of whether the change or refund is due to being unable to confirm service.

    For details on the change process of the UMNR EMD. See Ticket Modifications chapter.

    • The Transportation of Minors Form must be presented at the airport.
    • The minor has priority boarding privileges.
    • Responsible guardians must stay at the airport until flight departure.
    • The minor’s legal guardian must present a form of identification to verify their identity on the Form, and to sign the document confirming the handing over of the minor.