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Special Needs | PETC
    • LATAM allows the transportation of small pets (dogs and cats) within a pet carrier in the aircraft cabin by the passenger´s feet. 
    • It is not allowed to transport PETC from/to: Australia, New Zealand, Papeete and England; and Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Galapagos Islands and Aruba.
    • The service is available in Economy and Premium Economy cabin for the rest of the LATAM* routes operated by the following type of aircrafts:


    Type of aircraft


    Premium Economy

    Airbus 319

    Allow a maximum of 5 PETC.

    Allow a maximum of 1 PETC.

    Airbus 320

    Airbus 321

    Boeing 777


    Boeing 767

    Boeing 787


    The Centers and Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) indefinitely extends the restricted entry into the United States of dogs from high-risk countries for canine rabies and dogs arriving from countries without high risk of rabies if the dogs have been in a high-risk country in the past 6 months. Dogs entering the United States from high-risk countries are still required to meet all requirements indicated in the CDC.
    • The pets must be at least 16 weeks of age, unless there are larger health restrictions in the country of destination.
    • Only one PETC request can be confirmed per adult passenger.
    • Not applicable for flights in connection with other companies or codeshare flights.
    • The service does not apply for passengers traveling with POC.
    • Pets can not travel sedated.
    • Brachycephalic breeds can travel as PETC, if they comply with all the conditions for an in-cabin pet.
    • Assistance dogs (SVAN, ESAN) are governed by other transportation conditions, indicated in Special Passengers




    The service must be requested from the moment of the ticket issuance and up to 4 hours prior to flight departure.

    The Travel Agent must enter the service request in the reservation by means of an SSR PETC, which must include all the information detailed below:

    • Type of pet (dog or cat)
    • Total weight (pet + container)
    • Breed
    • Animal's age
    • Container's material and measures

    For example:


    TYPE of pet (dog or cat)


    (pet + container)





    MATERIAL of container (hard or soft)

    MEASURES of container (length x width x height in cms)



    03 KG


    10 MONTHS




    Once the application has been entered, LATAM will confirm or reject the service. Incomplete or incorrectly entered requests can not be confirmed.

    • Only 1 pet is allowed per pet carrier.
    • The maximum weight of the pet carrier and the pet combined is: No applies; the only condition is for the pet to fit in the kennel, which must comply with the required measurements. However, the animal’s weight must still be provided on SSR
    • The pet carrier can be hard or soft, as follows:

    Pet Carrier

    Maximum dimensions in centimeters


    36 Long x 33 wide x 19 high


    40 Long x 28 wide x 25 high

    • The pet carrier must have the proper ventilation, a waterproof absorbent base and a lock in order to maintain the pet within it during the flight.
    • Containers with wheels are not allowed.
    • It is recommended the container have a metallic double latched door
    • The pet must have enough space to stand, move and rotate around
    • The pets must be kept within their pet carriers during the entire flight (their heads cannot be outside the pet carrier).
    • The Travel Agent must warn the passenger that it is mandatory to present a certificate issued by a veterinarian (2 copies) issued no more than 10 days before the flight reporting that the pet is in good health, since pets with obvious conditions of disease will not board (foaming, diarrhea, etc.). 
    • The passenger must be advised of the restrictions, health requirements that must be met by his/her pet and present all documentation (original and a copy) at the time of boarding as established by the authority in the country of arrival and/or connections, otherwise, the pet may NOT be shipped.
    • For domestic flights in Colombia, it is required to present the pet’s vaccination certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian. The certificate must indicate the veterinarian’s professional license number.
    • Exceptionally, all necessary documentation must be informed to passengers departing or traveling within Brazil, according to the information described in TIMATIC (IATA Travel Center). Additionally, BR has documentation information. If the connection or destination is not specified, the Travel Agent must inform the passenger to contact the health authorities of the corresponding country.
    • Since February 13th, 2019, regarding the Law on Responsible Pet Ownership that enters into force in Chile, passengers traveling with dogs and cats on international flights must register their pet in the “National Registry of companionship Pets or Animals” and in the “National Registry of potentially dangerous animals of the canine species” (if applicable), in order to obtain the Zoosanitary Export Certificate (CZE). Passengers who have questions or queries in this regard should be recommended to consult the SAG website directly. For more details about documentation requirements for pet departing from Chile see here..
    • For trips to/from Colombia, customers must register with the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) to start the sanitary inspection application leading to the granting of a Certificate of Sanitary Inspection (CIS) that will be required upon leaving/entering the country. This is in addition to any other veterinarian or vaccination certificates that may be required for animals leaving CO, as well as any applicable local restrictions in the country of destination.  Agents must refer customers to the Institute’s website at Instituto Agropecuario Colombiano (ICA) for official information on the requirements and associated costs.
    • The assignment in windows seat will be preferred.
    • Passengers traveling with pets cannot have a seat assigned in the front row seat or in the emergency exit seat. Accompanying persons in the reservation will have their seat assigned according to the fare regulation.
    • Pets must travel under the seat in front of their owner.
    • Passengers traveling with pets in cabin cannot have also a BSCT which is always allocated in first row.


    Economy Cabin Seats


    Seats H


    Seats C y J


    Seats C, J y D

    A319, A320, A321, B777

    Seats C y D


    Customers using this service must not be seated in the first row of the cabin or in an exit row on any aircraft.

    • Charges for transporting PETC will be applied according to the route. The Travel Agent must advise the passenger that once the service is confirmed, it must be paid directly at a LATAM Ticket Office or through the Contact Center. If there are no Ticket Offices in the city, the charge will take place at the airport.
    • Additionally, in Brazil, Travel Agents can finalize the collection of the service through EMD-A, as long as the service has been previously confirmed.

    The amounts vary according to the following:





    BRL 200


    CLP 50,000


    COP 60,000

    Ecuador and Peru

    USD 45

    Regional (1)

    USD 200

    Long Haul (2)

    USD 250


    (1) Regional: flights between countries in South America, between South America and HAV/PUJ/AUA, including AKL-SYD, PUJ-MIA, MAD-FRA

    (2) Long Haul: flights between South America and Europe/ USA/ Oceania/ Mexico (CUN and MEX), including LIM-MCO (flights operated on narrow body aircraft).

    • Taxesare added to these routes in the countries that are applicable. Consider that for d mestic routes in Chile, the value includes VAT. 
    • The fee is charged to origin - destination checked. In case of itineraries with stopovers, a charge will be applied to each stopover 

    Considerations for the issuance of the EM 

    • Applies for flights 100% operated and marketed by LATAM. 
    • The product "PETC" must be selected 
    • The EMD-A must be issued using the same ticketing plate as the original ticket, for the following services:


    Type of service

    Reason for issuance code (RFIC)




    • Pets with aggressive behavior will not board, even if the service is confirmed.
    • The passenger is responsible for the transportation of the pet in travel with airport changes (for example GRU/CGH).
    • The passenger can only check-in in the Airport and only if the service is confirmed.
    • Passengers that arrive at the airport with pets confirmed, but do not comply with the service standards, cannot be boarded on the plane.





    Changes are only allowed according to ticket fare  regulations. For this, the “penalties” regulation of the ticket must be checked.

    ONLY permitted prior to flight departure.



    At the moment, this function is not available on our NDC portal.

    If you need to request the pet in cabin service, we ask that you contact our specialists through our preferential support channel: the chat available here on LATAM Trade (in addition to our usual service channels). This way, our team will take care of processing your request on your order.

    All other general considerations, associated fees and definition of this special service remain unchanged.