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Operational Warnings & Contingencies


CONTINGENCY - Manifestations in Santa Cruz (VVI), Bolivia


Due to: Demonstrations at Santa Cruz (VVI), Bolivia, that hinder access to the Airport

Customers traveling: From/to/through: Santa Cruz (VVI), Bolivia

Original flight date: October 31, 2022

Customers may choose ONE of the following options WITHOUT PENALTY:

  • Change of date/flight/rerouting: WITHOUT PENALTY, subject to cabin availability in the same cabin (without fare differences) and ticket validity.
  • Change of origin/destination Without penalty, subject to fare differences and ticket validity. Except for changes to a nearby airport (500 km from the original airport) that apply at no cost in the same cabin.

In the Endorsement Box, insert: VVI31OCT22

OSI in reservation: INVOL CHG DUE TO: VVI31OCT22

Customers who DO NOT wish to change their tickets may request a refund according to:

  • Refund Without penalty and only for customers with cancelled or rescheduled flights.
  • Valid for all UNUSED coupons of the ticket and associated ancillaries.

Customers with a LATAM Travel program may opt for:

Change or cancellation of the LATAM Travel program Subject to the land operator’s policy

Additional considerations:


Customers with cancelled or rescheduled flights may apply for all other options established in the LATAM protection policy.


  • Changes of date/flight/rerouting apply maintaining the same origin/destination
  • Change of origin or destination means flying to/from a city different than the one printed on the original flight coupon
  • Ancillaries associated to the ticket are subject to changes and/or refund depending on the action taken with the ticket.


CPC (Contingency Passenger Care)