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REFUND - Reverse Route Exceptions


LATAM allows the refund of a ticket for passengers who purchased tickets with the route reversed, i.e. the passenger buys a ticket and once issued realizes that the correct route is reversed. Example: Passenger buys SCL CJC SCL and the correct route is CJC SCL CJC. 


Only applies to valid tickets issued on LATAM form


Passengers who purchased reverse-route tickets at travel agencies

Date of Implementation:



  • Applies to OW and RT routes
  • The exception should also apply to ancillaries that passengers have purchased at the time of reimbursement. The ancillaries and ticket are entered in a single request, you must be considered as using the same reason for all documents entered.
  • It must be the same passenger (check the FOID first, if available, and then the name);
  • The flight date of each segment of the new ticket cannot be more than 2 days from the date of the first ticket;
  • Applies to tickets issued by the same travel agency.
  • The refund request must be made before the date of the first leg of the ticket.
  • If the booking is not cancelled before the refund is processed, the refund will be calculated according to the fare regulation.
  • Travel agent step by step:
  • In the case of Brazil, it applies what is indicated in the tab Refund requests Brazil.



Rest of markets:


1- Cancel the reservation of the ticket with reverse routing that will not be used.

2- On the ticket to be refunded, insert a standard message in the refund request* specifying the duplicate and sending the number of the ticket that will NOT be used for the refund. Ex: INVERSE ROUTE WITH TICKETS 045XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (Ticket to be used).

3- Process the refund

4- If applicable*, deduct the administrative fee. If not applicable, LATAM will apply this fee when authorizing the refund.

Note: The agency will not deduct the administrative fee from tickets paid by passenger credit card at the time the refund is requested. In these cases, LATAM will apply the charge via ADM