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BAGGAGE - Transport of weapons to and from Italy


Please be advised that for flights from/to Italy, it is mandatory to insert the SSR WEAP in the reservation in order to identify passengers carrying weapons during the flight.


The service must be requested at least 24 hours before the flight departure and the customer must be informed that it is necessary to verify, by their own means, the requirements that must comply with the legislation and specific requirements of the countries of origin, connection and destination of their trip.


Weapons transport from/to Italy

Date of Implementation:



Carriage of Firearms and Ammunition in Checked Baggage:


Firearms and ammunition can be transported in checked baggage. 


When requesting to transport weapons to/from Italy, the service agents should advise passengers regarding the following:

  • The passenger's responsibility to present themselves in good time at checkpoints and comply with the specific legislation and requirements of the countries of origin, connection and destination of their itinerary.

  • The need to inform the counter agent that the passenger is carrying a firearm and/or ammunition so that the counter agent can activate the protocol for the control and review of weapons with the authority that corresponds to your airport.



More details can be seen at, under Restricted and prohibited objects. 


For better understanding, we detail below the abbreviations used in this document:

  • SSR: Special Services Request Code