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COMMERCIAL EXCEPTIONS - Collision in the takeoff of the flight LA2213 at the LIMA airport, Peru

One or more changes are allowed


In order to mitigate operational changes resulting from the collision with a vehicle on the runway of LATAM flight LA2213 at Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima, the following flexibilities are defined for passengers traveling to/from or stopover at Lima Airport between November 18 and November 23, 2022:


Passengers with flights affected by flight cancellations/rescheduling:

  • May apply for the standard options (change or refund) established in the LATAM’s protection policy (one or more changes are allowed).


Passengers with NO affected flights:

  1. One or more date/flight change or rerouting: no penalty or fare difference to fly up to 15 days from the original flight date.
  2. Full Refund


Passengers with affected and unaffected flights traveling between Nov 18th, 2022  and Nov 23rd, 2022 to/from/stopover at LIMA Airport.

Implementation Date:




Passengers with affected flights


Apply the options established in the Passenger Protection Policy available on LATAM Trade (more than one change is allowed)


Passengers WITHOUT affected flights:

  1. One or more date/flight change or rerouting maintaining origin and destination on LATAM flights: no penalty or fare difference for fly up to 15 days from the original flight date .

·       Involuntary reissue subject to availability of the same cabin maintaining original fare construction.

·       Enter in Endorsements/Restrictions box: PRO18NOV22

2.              Full Refund: applies without penalty for all coupons without use and associated ancillaries between the affected dates described in the scope (NOV 18 - NOV 23). In case of requesting after the departure of the flight, please contact the local LATAM Airlines support team to request the respective waiver.