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Operational Warnings & Contingencies


PASSENGER PROTECTION - Suspension of the route between Santiago (SCL) and Castro (MHC)

Due to operational needs, the operation between SCL MHC will be permanently suspended 1st of August 2023. 

Canceled flights

  • LA 69 / SCL MHC
  • LA 68 / MHC SCL

Proposed protection:

Protection on LATAM flights to Puerto Montt (PMC) 

Reservation management:

Protection on LATAM flights with change of airport to Puerto Montt (PMC)


Protection shall be made centrally by reservation and subject to availability of the original cabin, in the lowest class available. 


The re-emission will be carried out as involuntary, maintaining fare basis and original tariff construction. 


Due to the change of airport, LATAM will compensate all passengers (with option of exchange for services or money):


Passengers will be notified via mail about the airport change and compensation. 

  • All requests will be made to the ticket holder, and no compensation will be given to travel agencies. 

  • Customers who proactively contact us requesting compensation must do so exclusively through LATAM Contact Center Pasajeros.

  • Or through the site, when entering the customer should go to "Create case > "I want to make a request" > "Cancelled or delayed flights by LATAM"


If the passenger requires to change the protective flight to/from PMC for another date, they may do so free of charge within the duration of the ticket. In case the passenger does not want to travel to PMC, the change to another destination must be offered according to the protection policy or involuntary return. 

Enter in Ticket Endorsements on reissue:

When reissuing, enter the ticket endorsement: SKDCHG with affected flight details.


Ancillaries will receive the same treatment as tickets.