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ROUTES - Temporary suspension of the operation from/to Juliaca (JUL), Peru


We inform you that due to damage to the airport runway, flights to/from Juliaca (JUL), Peru from September 19, 2022 to October 5, 2022 were canceled.


Flights from/to Juliaca (JUL) between September 19 and October 05, 2022

Implementation date:



Due to the damage to   the runway at the Inca Manco Cápac Airport in Juliaca, the local authorities have determined the closure of its facilities so that the concessionaire can continue with the repairs. Therefore, flights to and from Juliaca (JUL) will be canceled from September 19 to October 5, 2022.


Due to the above, it has been defined that passengers with affected and non.affected flights have the same flexibilities for changes and/or refund  established in the Passenger Protection Policy.


The option of protection to a nearby airport without penalty or fare difference is also incorporated for passengers who need to change their airport of origin/destination JUL, Peru, for the airport/s of Cusco (CUZ), Arequipa (AQP), and Tacna (TCQ), keeping the original cabin.